Cuphead Coming to the Nintendo Switch in April

The Chalice Child Comes to the Switch Microsoft has been holding back a beautiful gem from the Nintendo crowd. Well, the time has come for...
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5 Ways Gaming is Still As Popular as Ever

Gaming has withstood the test of time. Gaming has been around in various iterations for generations. Not only has it retained fans and kept audiences...
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World of Warcraft In-Game Toys Will Donate 25% To Warcraft Esports

Players who purchase these in-game World of Warcraft toys will also be helping Warcraft esports. Two new toys have come to the World of Warcraft in-game shop:...

Octane and the Battle Pass Enter the “Wild Frontier”

The Cost of the Battle Pass The long-awaited battle pass and Season 1 - named the Wild Frontier - of Apex finally dropped today, and with...

Overwatch League Playoffs and Stage 1 Standings

Playoff Rankings Week 5 of the Overwatch League has come to an end and, with it, Stage 1. The week's games determined the standings, as...
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Google Stadia Service Announced At GDC 2019

Google Stadia is the official name of Google's game streaming service. Previously, we had talked about rumors of Google's new streaming service. "Project Yeti" is...

DVS Reviews: Worbital

Gotta Love Gravity A few years ago I decided to stop liking Angry Birds. It wasn't a hard decision to make, I just thought that...

Representation in the Face of Toxicity

Representation Diversity and representation are important aspects of the gaming community. I've discussed both in the context of Overwatch and Apex Legends, but I think...


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YouTube Rewind Has Record Number of Dislikes

image of the record breaking dislikes for youtube rewind
YouTube Rewind is a celebration of videos and other popular trends throughout the year. YouTube Rewind has been going on for nine years now, and these...

The Part Time Henchmen 9: The Other Gotham Ooze Job


The Part Time Henchmen 8: The Gotham Ooze Job