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Skyrim Together: The Mod Making Skyrim Multiplayer

What the People Want As someone who spent my four-day weekend playing Skyrim while I was snowed in, I'm excited to say that the game...
Bee Simulator

PAX South 2019: Bee Simulator

Bee Simulator places gamers in the perspective of a bee. Bees all over the world are facing perilous times. It is suggested that the extinction...

Battle for Dazar’alor Provides New Azerite Armor and Loot

A New Day, A New Raid As the WoW train keeps chugg'n along, Blizzard has guaranteed that new armor and items are on their way...
Activision Blizzard Logo

Activision Blizzard Facing Accusations of Securities Fraud

Activision Blizzard now has securities fraud accusations to face. 2019 has not started well for Activision Blizzard and the companies under its umbrella. After the...

Magic the Gathering Arena’s “Quick Draft” Coming to Tabletop

A New Gameplay for Tabletop Magic the Gathering Arena pushes heavily for the "quick draft" format, that is, the best-of-one matches. In tabletop Magic the...

Can Tinder Really Be Used As a Recruiting Tool for World of Warcraft?

Guild Recruitment Gets Some TLC As many of you know, the dynamics of guild recruiting have significantly changed. With the introduction of LFR, LFG and...

Video Game Addiction (Understanding The Diagnosis)

Video Game Addiction (Understanding The Diagnosis) So, I'm a Psychology major, and I am also a Game Developer. I've been in this industry since 2010. I...

10 Free Steam Games that Play Like You Paid For Them

A New Year Deserves a Free Game It is a new year, and along with that comes the obligatory New Year's resolutions. Perhaps you have...


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YouTube Rewind Has Record Number of Dislikes

image of the record breaking dislikes for youtube rewind
YouTube Rewind is a celebration of videos and other popular trends throughout the year. YouTube Rewind has been going on for nine years now, and these...

The Part Time Henchmen 9: The Other Gotham Ooze Job

The Part Time Henchmen 8: The Gotham Ooze Job