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League of Legends’ Virtual Band Tops the Charts

K/DA Tops Billboard's World Music Charts With over 60 million views, it's safe to say Riot Games' marketing tool has more than done its job....

New PC Warframe Expansion: Fortuna, Available Now

A New Open World to Explore Fortuna is an exotic, open-world landscape on terraformed Venus. Equip your suit and dive into this new, free expansion...

The Classically Inspired “Time Wanderer” Needs Your Help

Indies Looking Out For Indies Here at DVS Gaming, we have a place in our hearts for indie games. We are a group of passionate...

Preview of Black Friday Gaming Deals 2018

The Best Deals in Gaming Black Friday is one of the times of year when you can get consoles at super discounts and great games...
Tomb Raider soundtrack studio album on kickstarter

Peter Connelly Announces Tomb Raider Album Kickstarter

Tomb Raider Soundtrack Album in the Works Peter Connelly, the composer behind the music of the Tomb Raider video game franchise, is spearheading a new Kickstarter. ...

Superbike: Can You Manage?

Do you have iOS or Android? Superbike Sim SBK Team Manager is now available if you do. Digital Tales has created a management simulator that...

Do Graphics Make the Game?

The answer is both yes and no. We look at the games of the past, like Majora’s Mask and Symphony of the Night. Players can...

DBD: Why I Uninstalled Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game that can be quite fun.  The popular horror game has gained a fandom like no other. This game...


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The Part Time Henchmen 9: The Other Gotham Ooze Job

The Part Time Henchmen 8: The Gotham Ooze Job

The Part Time Henchmen 7: The Grey Job