Kurdish Youth Roleplaying PUBG Killed By Shotgun

PUBG has become a cultural phenomenon. The game’s popularity has spread throughout the world, particularly due to the success of its mobile version. 22-year-old Kurdish citizen Aso Azad Mohammed was also a huge fan of the battle royale game.

Mohammed and his five friends were picnicking near a resort in the Erbil Province. They were staying at a house of one of the party’s relatives. There, they found a shotgun. Before leaving the home, the group wanted to roleplay PUBG.

One of the friends held the shotgun in the way players do in the game. Meanwhile, another person shot a video of the friend posing. However, the youths did not realize the shotgun was loaded, and one of them shot Mohammed while playing with the gun.

Courtesy of Social Media, Aso Azad Mohammed

After the event, the police detained and questioned all five of his friends.

Are video games compatible with Kurdish culture?

The culture in Kurdistan looks down upon PUBG and other addictive games. Moreover, they will have even more of a reason to distrust the battle royale game. The Kurdish Islamic religious authorities ruled that PUBG was “haram” (forbidden) to play for more than a few minutes a day, or if the game hinders one’s responsibilities by playing. The decision came during a meeting between members of the Fatwa Committee of Sulaimani, a city in the Kurdistan region.

Islamic law states that anything declared as “haram” is forbidden for Muslims. Although the term haram is religious, it has secular implications. The particular view against PUBG will only invoke more secular scrutiny in the region. This is because someone has died as a direct consequence of the game.

A police spokesperson called on all video game consumers to act responsibly and to use the medium solely for entertainment purposes. Though, roleplaying is for entertainment. In the case of the six Kurdish youth, though, the roleplay was just too realistic.