Yasuo’s Beginner Guide


Yasuo, the unforgiven samurai, has a quick dangerous blade and his ability to move quickly on the battlefield. We are going to be going through the beginners guide to this skillful champion. With this guide, you will learn how to crush any summoner you face!

Yasuo’s passive, Way of the Wanderer, helps his Critical Strike chance to double. Additionally, Yasuo builds toward a shield whenever he is moving. The shield activates when he has taken damage from a champion, minion, or Jungle monster.

Next is his Q ability called Steel Tempest. It is very crucial that you use this in battle. When used Yasuo thrusts his blade forward and pierces all enemies in its way! The reason this attack is so crucial is that after two connected Q’s, he is able to send a whirlwind at his enemies, which eventually will be used with his E and also later on for his R.

Now it is time for the Wind wall to help support your team later on. The W ability is actually really simple. The moving wind wall is to protect you and your team from all projectiles that are flying down the battlefield including ultimates if they are a projectile.

Yasuo can tear up the battlefield in an instant.

As we mentioned earlier the E ability Sweeping blade can be very useful for multiple reasons. One is for a quick escape when you’re in a tight situation by using this ability on any minion or enemy champion, the more you level the faster the cooldown and you can keep using it on single targets and dash away faster. The other use of the sweeping blade is to induce quick heavy damage with the combo of E then Q simultaneously while building towards whirlwind!

Finally, there is Yasuo and his Ultimate Last Breath. By this time you will be shredding the enemy on the ground and in the air! Sounds cool right? That’s because it’s amazing. This ability can only be used on enemy champions if they are airborne. This brings the attention of your Steel Tempest hitting twice in a row and sending your whirlwind into battle! Last Breath is a deadly way to end a team battle in a matter of seconds if you can catch multiple enemy champions in your whirlwind and shredding all who are airborne.

Ideal Yasuo Build

Let’s get into the item build for a beginner Yasuo. First is the Phantom Dancer which gives you 45% attack speed, 30% critical strike chance, and 5% movement speed. This item also gives you some neat passives. The second item you should build towards is the Berserker Greaves, which give Yasuo 35% attack speed and +45 movement speed.

Building towards the next item can be tough as it is mid-game. Therefore, it is more difficult to get some kills. That item is the Infinity Edge which gives you +70 attack damage and doubles your critical damage! Bloodthirster is also a good item to build for the late game for the +80 attack damage and 20% life steal. Next is the Lord Dominik’s Regard that helps you take down those tanky champions by giving you +40 attack damage and 35% armor penetration. And finally, the Mortal Reminder which also helps with its +40 Attack damage and 25% armor penetration! Hope to see some more Yasuo players after reading this starter guide! Have fun!