Controversial streamer xQc has been permanently banned from League of Legends.

xQc is never far from any sort of controversy. The former Overwatch League player, whose real name is Felix Lengyel, received a permanent ban from League of Legends. xQc is most known for playing for the Dallas Fuel in Season 1 of the Overwatch League. In January, He was suspended from the team for homophobic remarks directed at Muma. Muma is an openly gay player who plays for the Houston Outlaws. The final straw came for xQc when he used an emote in a racist context on the official Overwatch League stream back in March. He left the Dallas Fuel to focus on streaming.

While xQc has promised to “be better” on his Twitter, he apparently hasn’t learned his lesson. Riot’s explanation for his ban said, “Because a player-triggered review found your in-game comms extremely inflammatory and offensive, your account’s been permanently suspended. You are among 0.006% of League players negative enough to be permanently suspended. Other players have judged your comms to be far below the standard of the League community. The vast majority of players agree that while League’s an intense, competitive game, all players deserve respect on the Rift.”

Tyler1, another League player, also received a permanent ban before. However, he has been allowed back into the Rift despite the permanent ban. This raises some questions for Riot. Is a ban truly permanent, or just dependent on how famous you are? xQc is known for his toxicity, but even he could return to the Rift after some time away from the game. It would not be surprising if he returned to the Rift.

What do you think about xQc’s latest stunt? Do you think he represents the toxicity that permeates online gaming today? Let us know in the comments below!