Classes Have Unique Mounts, Toys, Glyphs, and More. Now You Can Find Them All in One Guide!

Most World of Warcraft players know that each class tends to have unique visuals.  There is a new guide available on Wowhead (courtesy of Kittyx) that compiles all of it for us in one handy place.

All classes have glyphs available to change the appearance of certain spells and abilities.  Most also have books and weapon transmogs specific to their class available that further allow visual changes.  A few of the classes also have illusions specific to that class.

Death Knight

Death Knights can obtain the title ‘Deathlord,’ and get the mount Decaying Reins of the Vilebrood Vanquisher, which is a different color based upon your specialization.  Bloodbrood, frostbrood, and vilebrood whelplings are available as pets.

Death Knight Mount from Wowhead

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters can achieve the title ‘The Slayer’ along with their original ‘Illidari’ title during their campaign.  Players can get the Slayer’s Felbroken Shrieker mount along with the starting Felsaber.  The Hateful Eye pet has a chance to drop for this class.  There are two toys available, one of which is a sought-after Pepe.

Demon Hunter Mount from Wowhead


Druids can obtain the title ‘Archdruid’ in the Legion expansion, and have the ability to learn the two-seater Moon-Kissed Feather travel form.  Druids have a few pets and toys available too.

Druid Mount from Wowhead


Hunters can achieve the title ‘Huntmaster,’ as well as the three Wolfhawk mounts.  They also have access to the Hunter’s Call toy.

Hunter Mount from Wowhead


‘Archmage’ is the Mage title available.  Mages can receive the Archmage’s Prismatic Disc flying mount.  There are also four toys available to mages at this time.

Mage Mount from Wowhead


Monks can achieve the title ‘Grandmaster’ and obtain Ban-Lu, Grandmaster’s Companion during the Legion expansion.  Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu, is a pet matching the mount specific to monks.

Monk Mount from Wowhead


Paladins are able to get the title ‘Highlord’ and have four different colored Charger mounts available to earn.

Paladin Mount from Wowhead


Priests have access to the ‘High Priest’ title, and the Gift of the Holy Keepers Mount.  They also have access to the Thaumaturgist’s Orb and Scarlet Confessional Book.

Priest Mount from Wowhead


Rogues can be granted the ‘Shadowblade’ title and the four Dark Portent mounts from their order hall.  Players can also obtain the pets Crackers, Dig Rat, and Sneaky Marmot and many different toys.

Rogue Mount from Wowhead


Shamans can obtain the ‘Farseer’ title and complete their order hall campaign to get the Raging Tempest Totem mount.  The shaman mount changes color based upon specialization.  Shamans also have access to a variety of pets and toys.

Shaman Mount from Wowhead


Warlocks can achieve the ‘Netherlord’ title and three different colors of the Wrathsteed.  Players also have access to the Hateful Eye as a Warlock, along with the Demon Hunter players.

Warlock Mount from Wowhead


Warriors can get the ‘Battlelord’ title and Iron Reins of the Bloodhtirsty War Wyrm mount.  Warriors can also collect the Stormforged Vrykul Horn toy.

Warrior Mount from Wowhead

What do you play?  Do you like the new guide available at Wowhead?  Did you find things for your class you haven’t completed that you will now?  Let us know in the comments!