It is Midsummer Fire Festival Time Yet Again! And This Year, You Can Potentially Get Some Swag!

Yes, it is yet again time for the Midsummer Fire Festival. What does that mean for you? There are in-game achievements as usual, along with fun buffs and tasks. However, Wowhead has taken it a step farther. Real-life swag is up for grabs! Not only can you enjoy the festival in Azeroth, but you can also enjoy garnishing your lapel with a new Fire Festival pin!

You read that right. Not only can you delve into traditional achievements and battle Ahune, but you can also gain a piece of real-life swag. Wowhead teamed up with Blizzard and created a limited edition fire festival pin. This pin was created by Tsepish. There is a catch though, only 50 of these pins will be given out!

Midsummer Fire Festival Pin from Wowhead

How do you get your own pin? Enter the contest for a chance to win using the above Wowhead link or clicking here. Once you’ve opened the page, tell Wowhead about your favorite in-game holiday. Blizzard and Wowhead want to know why you love your favorite holiday. Not only that, they want to know if there’s a holiday you would like to see added to the in-game holidays that already exist.

If you’re a pin collector (especially those that have been collecting BlizzCon pins,) you will more than likely be very interested in collecting this new gem. You can look into all of the collectible pins over the years here.

This contest closes June 29, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. Once the contest closes, winners will be notified and will have 14 days to respond.

What do you think about the new fire festival pin? Do you plan to enter to win? Let us know in the comments!