Taking to the Seas Once Again

The developer and publisher known as has been waging war on every front known to man. From the hit tank simulator, World of Tanks, to the high flying action of World of Warplanes, the combat simulation provided by these games has entertained fans for nearly a decade. World of Warships, the newest title in the triumvirate war games, is getting a version fit for consoles through World of Warships: Legends. This new entry in the World of Warships franchise will officially bring the expereince to both Xbox One and PS4. This version will provide players with new and exciting features.

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It is a similar gaming experience, but it has the power of next-generation consoles to heighten the gameplay and graphics. Courtesy of TrueAchievements

New Game, New Features, New Platform

The most exciting new features to hit the assumably free-to-play title are the Founders Packs. After having a successful closed beta period, Wargaming believes that the Founders Packs will provide some of the best content that fans of the franchise have ever experienced. Here is a taste of what is in these downloads:

  • Ultimate Edition: Bring the thunder with four combat-ready Premium warships: Iwaki and Arkansas, along with the exclusive Marblehead and Gremyashchy (available for a limited time in select Early Access bundles), and much more.
  • Deluxe Edition: Set sail with three epic Premium warships under your command: Iwaki, Arkansas, and the exclusive Marblehead (available for a limited time in select Early Access bundles), and more.
  • Premium Edition: Kick off your naval career in style with two powerful warships: the powerful Iwaki and Arkansas, and more.

The Founders Packs themselves are available for sale through the Wargaming store.

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Tactical thinking is imperative in order to survive these real-time naval battles. Courtesy of TrueAchievements

Synopsis of World of Warships: Legends

Here is some more information about World of Warships: Legends from the Wargaming press release:

“World of Warships: Legends is a completely new entry in the World of Warships franchise. It now takes full advantage of the power and capabilities of home consoles. Developed by Wargaming, St. Petersburg, the team responsible for World of Warships for PC, World of Warships: Legends is an experience that will bring the massively multiplayer online naval action loved by millions to consoles for the very first time. This title includes thrilling, immersive battles with iconic warships and legendary commanders from maritime history. World of Warships: Legends will also feature content and features exclusive to the console experience. World of Warships: Legends is setting sail for release on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One in 2019. Learn more at”

World of Warships: Legends launches on Xbox One and PS4 on April 16, 2019. Are you ready for some maritime mayhem?