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PvP is one of the many styles of play in World of Warcraft.

I started playing WoW in July 2007, and this is where my story for one of my favorite games begins. I knew nothing, had no idea what PvP or raiding was. The closest I ever played to this wonderful game was Final Fantasy. Though the two games are different, there were many similarities I could point out as well. In fact, World of Warcraft is the first MMO of its kind that I have ever actually played.

image of pvp talents in bfa
War Mode: PvP Talents

First Experience

I was a level 30 mage, my highest character, and picked up a quest for a battleground. I didn’t know what a battleground was. The quest said it was for Arathi Basin. My dad had been playing already, so I went and asked him what that was. He showed me how to queue up for the battleground. I was so happy, I got in my first battleground.

I asked the players there “I have a quest. Can anyone help me complete it?” they yelled at me for even picking up a quest for a BG. My next question was what was the purpose of a battleground. I had never been there before, and they laid into me. They yelled at me and told me if I had never been in one before, I should never have entered in the first place. This left me broken hearted. I had no idea people could be so cruel, especially in a game I was new to.

image of zandalari

The End

After the battleground was done, I went and told my dad “if this is all there is to that game, I want nothing more to do with it.” The abuse I received there left me in tears. I literally did not log in to the game for a couple weeks after that. After thinking about it, my dad told me, “There is more to the game then just PvP.” Honestly, I don’t even think he was aware of raids at the time, but I decided to give it another go. The PvP gave me social anxiety, which made it harder to do group content.

I would join guilds, but I was nervous about joining in for things like PvP or Raids. When I did raid, I stayed quiet due to my disabilities. A therapist pointed out my social anxiety and started using World of Warcraft to help me overcome it. Due to the negative responses and reactions I received in one battleground, I stayed out of them.

image of a battleground in wow
Battleground in WoW

I only entered my first one in Legion after my sister asked me to join her for some, now I tolerate them, but I am older and know that you will find toxicity in the game no matter where or what you do. I developed a thicker skin. Do I regret staying away from PvP for so long? No, not at all. Staying out of them allowed me to grow, and if I continued to stay with them, I would have quite a long time ago.

Do you PvP? Tell us about your worst experiences in battlegrounds. Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.