image of a priest hiding her shoulders for the no shoulders no pauldron campaign
Priest hiding shoulders

On Tuesday, the second part of War of Thorns was released, and we watched Teldrassil burn.

Lady Sylvanas is shaping to be a warchief who doesn’t really care about honor. It would appear she wants to kill the hope of the Night Elves. Saurfang cares about honor and does not agree with the dark lady’s actions. A lot of players would agree with Saurfang as well, they have even started a hide shoulders campaign.

A lot of players, both Horde and Alliance disagree with Sylvanas actions in burning the world tree. In fact, there is even a ‘protest’ in the game about it where people are going into the transmog guy and hiding their shoulders. They are posting under the hashtag #hideshoulders and #nohonornopauldron. There are even petitions to try and get Sylvanas removed as Warchief.

This movement is catching the eyes of a lot of people at the moment. The Horde has always been about honor, it’s why Thrall had Garrosh overthrown. Sylvanas motives are simple, she is doing this to prevent a war from happening. Though, many would argue that this is an act of war and will cause an even bigger war to start.

How can you take part?

You can easily take part in the movement yourself if you disagree with Sylvanas as a warchief. In order to participate just head to your transmogrify vendor and click on your shoulders and choose to hide your shoulders. You may even upload your pictures and screenshots to Twitter with the appropriate hashtags.  Artists are even drawing characters without shoulder and using the appropriate hashtags.

There are some players on the forums who voiced that they don’t agree with the movement. One player even said that these movements are for “tools,” and those people should faction change. Others are defending the actions of the movement. It is a peaceful protest in a video game where people feel strongly about a character.

What do you think about this movement? Will you take part in the movement? Let us know who do you think should be Warchief? Saurfang or are you happy with Sylvanas as a warchief? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you.