image of tea party quest turn in
Turning in Tea Party Quest

Questing on the Alliance side in Drustvar, I soon ran into what would become the creepiest quest in the game to me.

There is a little girl in Drustvar named Abby Lewis. She gives what many players know as the tea party quests. Drustvar alone is a creepy zone. It is also one of the recommended zones to level in by many sites who have discussed fast leveling in BFA.
image of the tea party quest
Tea party quest
The quest itself isn’t quite as creepy as the little girl herself. Abby will sing, and the lyrics send chills up my spine. I can handle creepiness, but this quest I describe as “nightmares ingredients.” She has this little poem she sings about how her poor little village is dead. She even actually sounds cheerful, like how can you be happy that your village is dead? 
I explained the quest to my dad who used to play WoW but doesn’t anymore. The little girl reminds him of something out of Children of the Corn.  You have to locate her stuffed animals so she can have this tea party. The way she says “Let’s find the other guests.” It’s everything about this girl.
image of locating trunksy
Finding Trunksy
Though it is cute that everytime you find one of her stuffed toys she talks to them. This is definitely a perfect quest for a place like Drustvar, with its creepy undertones. One of her stuffed toys named Mayor Striggs, she tells him he can’t run anymore. 
Once you locate her toys, she sends you on another quest to find her pet kitty named Smoochums. You can find her cat in Glenbrook Woods on a rock. Abby had been following you through searching for her toys up til this point. She has stopped following you, but you do find the kitty you’re sent searching after.
image of finding kitty
Turning in a quest
After you find the cat, you will proceed to find out what happened to the villagers. Each item you find, Abby’s voice comes across and tells you about the person whose item you have located. When she describes Jonathan Hayes demise, after she’s done, she even giggles. Up until now, I did not think you get any creepier then Duskwood or Deadwind Pass looks like I was wrong.
If things couldn’t get creepier, when you finally meet up with Abby you see the tea party set up. She has her stuffed animals surrounding the teapot in a ‘rune’ circle. You will see rune circles quite a bit while questing around Drustvar. You find Smoochums dead when he was before alive (above SS will show you smoochums very much alive.) There are candles and what looks like Abby Lewis channeling some sort of spell or something.
image of a tea party in world of warcraft
Tea Party
After you click the teapot to pour the tea, Abby summons a dog that you will have to fight. She tells the dog to play nice with the guest adding that they wouldn’t want the guest to leave hungry or at all. After you go to turn in the quest you find out that the village thought Abby dead a long time ago. It would appear that Abby has caused everything upon her own village, but we will never know for sure.
Seeing as we did not actually kill her, it is speculated that we will see her in the future. What do you think? Have you had the pleasures of doing this quest? What is your favorite quest in Drustvar? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.