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Queen Azshara was a Queen of the Kaldorei who made a Deal with an Old God and Became the Queen of the Naga.

First of all, we learned more about Azshara as her Warbringers video was finally released. Also, it opened up the eyes of many as she did what was necessary to save her people. She would be cutting a deal with the devil himself because if she didn’t it would mean the death of her and her people. The Kaldorei Empire ten thousand years ago furthermore loved their queen.

Queen Azshara

She was beautiful and her people loved her. The Highborne made contact with Sargeras and the Burning Legion. They gave Azshara an offer she could not refuse. He offered to cleanse her world of the inferior races. These would be the impure people of her world. The Highborne along with the demons worked together. They were able to summon the Legion and their master on Azeroth.
They would use the Well of eternity to summon the Legion. The night elf rebellion stopped these attempts, but The Great Sundering would begin. The Well of Eternity would become destabilized and would collapse. When the Well collapsed, the land went with it. Azshara and her followers would fall into the sea that got created. 
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Queen Azshara

Relationship With Old Gods

In this new sea that she and her followers fell in, they would have drowned and died. The Old Gods intervened and forged a pact with Azshara. This pact would transform Azshara and the night elves who followed her into the naga. This is the price paid to save her people. They become the servants of the Old Gods. Azshara will become a boss in the second raid of the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth
Azshara was born with golden eyes. Golden eyes were a rarity in night elves before the great sundering happened. Golden eyes were a sign of future greatness. Azshara became the most beautiful night elf and was also the most beloved monarch the night elves had. She was strong-willed and manipulative as well. We can not express how beautiful she was, you can see for yourself.
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Azshara (Artist Unknown)


She had more magic than any other night elf. Being the sole heir to the Kaldorei Empire, she was always fascinated by the Well of Eternity. Her coronation ceremony lasted days where Azshara’s given beautiful gifts. A night elf named Lord Xavius gave the queen a jeweled scepter that had magical sigils on it. This was Azshara’s most cherished gift.
Xavius told Azshara that as long as she kept her scepter close she would have prosperity and great power. She held her scepter out and the jewels shined in the light of the moon like stars. It was beautiful. The site of Azshara with her beloved gift from Xavius was enough to bring her attendants to tears. The queen that would make a deal to save her people. 
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Queen Azshara

Finally, Azshara paid a hefty price to save her people. What price would you pay to save your people if you were a King or a Queen? Even though she is not one of the good guys of the expansion, do you agree with her choice to save her people? Let us know in the comments below what you think of Queen Azshara. We would love to hear what you think.