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Battle for Azeroth

Method’s Gingi hit the new max level, 120, in merely five hours.

Battle For Azeroth isn’t even a day into release. In fact, someone managed to hit max level only five hours into release. Gingi, a hunter in Method, is the proud owner of this new leveling record. He accomplished this feat on his druid, Luigingi. The previous record holder, Fragrance, who is also in Method, held the record for Legion 110 at five and a half hours.

Gingi accomplished this in a group, which may be a good argument for group leveling rather than solo leveling.

How long does it take to get to max level? It depends on your playstyle and how much time you’re willing to put into the game. After a few hours, there were a handful of 120s on my own server (Kil’jaeden). It also helps if you have War Mode on. While you run the risk of getting ganked, War Mode also gives you 10% additional experience while leveling. Gingi’s teammates, Deepshades and Meres, also dinged 120 shortly after.

Some players expressed astonishment at the quickness of the leveling process. “Yesterday night I went to sleep because I need to work next day, woke up and found people already max level. Hopefully I won’t be ganked while leveling in Warmode,” said user Archimage. Since these players have played the alpha/beta versions of Battle For Azeroth, they will know the fastest paths to take while leveling characters.

What are your thoughts on hitting max level so quickly? Do you think you have the stamina and resolve to level a character that fast? If you’re grinding away at World of Warcraft content, why not buy a new gaming chair? Let us know in the comments below!