image of a hunter in blackrock foundry
A Hunter in Blackrock Foundry

There is a New Call To Arms Feature on Blizzard’s Website.

The feature and the website is called Call to Arms. You may represent your faction by creating themed pics of combat stances. In order to use this feature, you will need to go directly to the Call to Arms site. You can log in to your account and select one of your characters from your character list.

screenshot of the select your character from call to arms website
Character Selection in Call to Arms website

When you select your character, they will be displayed in the center of the screenshot. The character will be in a fighting stance, you may add 2 more characters. These characters may be either your characters or your friend’s characters. You will be able to change the picture’s background.

The picture’s backgrounds may range from capital cities to Argus, including locations in Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Though the extra characters added in the picture must be on the same faction as the main character so you can’t have both Horde and Alliance in the same image. Upon completion, you may download the image to your computer, or even share it on Facebook and Twitter.

image of characters portraits
Characters Portrait

As of right now, at the current time this article is being written, there are some issues accessing the website. It looks like Blizzard made a goof in the website routing, and it is not working properly for players who wish to utilize this at the moment. We still felt compelled to get this out there and inform players about this awesome new feature.

Jaina Animated Short

On a side note, Blizzard released an animated short today of Jaina Proudmoore. This explains a little of who Jaina is. For those who have only just begun their journey into World of Warcraft, then this is a great beginning into one of our great leaders. The former leader of Theramore has a story to tell and it is time to hear it.

You may also enter our transmog contest that has 10 more days left on it! You get a chance of winning some game time and you may be either EU or US region. Check out more information on our transmog contest here.

What do you think of the new Call to Arms feature on the website? We are aware it is broken right now, but are you excited for when they fix it and get it working properly? How about the new short on Jaina? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.