World of Warcraft Esports Transmorpher Beacon

Players who purchase these in-game World of Warcraft toys will also be helping Warcraft esports.

Two new toys have come to the World of Warcraft in-game shop: the Lion’s Pride and Horde’s Might Fireworks, and the Transmorpher Beacon. Players who purchase these toys should know that 25% of the proceeds will go to Warcraft esports. These competitions include the Arena World Championship (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon Invitational (MDI).

World of Warcraft Toys

Blizzard announced on the forums more details.

“For a limited time, every purchase of the Transmorpher Beacon or Lion’s Pride and Horde’s Might Fireworks, 25% of the proceeds will contribute toward the year’s finals LAN event prize pool for the Arena World Championship (AWC) and the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $500,000 USD ($250,000 USD for each event.) Your support will help take the WoW esports prize pool to the next level. Your chance to support WoW esports and donate to the prize pool ends on October 15, 2019.”

Some players have questioned why they should fund the prize pool.

Despite Blizzard’s intentions to fund Warcraft esports, some players have questioned the latest additions to the shop. Some have argued that despite making the most money in the company’s history, Activision Blizzard is hungry for more. One commenter said, “Why should players have to fund your prize pool? Why not have 100% of the proceeds go to the pool so you can reach your amount quicker?”

Others have said they would only buy the toys if 100% of the proceeds went towards Warcraft esports. “You make a toy specifically to promote e-sports and you only give 25% proceeds to the cause? You will not get my support unless it’s 100% of the proceeds,” another commenter said.

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