Battle For Azeroth Blizzard Community

Tensions between the Alliance and the Horde in the World of Warcraft community have never been greater.

The World of Warcraft community has always been divided into Alliance or Horde players. Despite people claiming that they play both factions, the same question always comes up. Are you for the Alliance, or for the Horde? With Battle For Azeroth only two weeks away, it seems like the tensions between the two factions have never been greater. The burning of Teldrassil has certainly angered Alliance players and empowered the Horde. However, even hardcore Horde players have questioned Sylvanas’s actions.

Some have called for a complete forum shutdown in light of the events.

World of Warcraft player Gorev said in a forum post, “I don’t care whether you believe the Sylvanas fanboys, the Alliance players, or whoever else. But after this crapshoot, we need forums offline for a week while the moderators clean it up. Yes, I may be upset after today’s events. But this trolling/spamming/harassment has gone on for a couple weeks now, and it’s time the moderators start cracking down…so, who would agree, no forums for a week while they bring the mess under control? Forget the potential loss of subs, this is getting out of hand.”

While we know nobody will quit the forums for a week (or that anyone at Blizzard will actually shut them down), this raises questions surrounding the tense relationship between Horde and Alliance players. Is the World of Warcraft community melting down? The Horde’s actions have definitely contributed to such a divisive atmosphere leading up to the release of the expansion.

Christie Golden has been a target of attacks from disgruntled World of Warcraft fans.

The outrage has even spread onto social media. Recently, Christie Golden was attacked on Twitter by people who (mistakenly) thought that she wrote the Warbringer storyline.

Golden’s response to the trolls was brief, but the attacks have continued. Some people even called for her to step down as a writer for World of Warcraft (you can read some responses in the tweet below).

While not all people may like Golden’s storytelling, the creative process is rather difficult and will gather both friends and foes alike. However, we do know that it has turned quite a bit of people against the Horde, including the most staunch Horde supporters.

Could the actions of Sylvanas fuel both sides? Could it mean a more active game?

Is division a good thing? There may be some intent from the Battle for Azeroth team with the burning of Teldrassil. World PvP has been a staple of the game but has been a core focus on only a few large active servers. Emerald Dream, for example, is a known hotbed for world PvP. Driving anger on both sides may encourage people to pick up the game and assist their respective factions in Battle For Azeroth.

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