Burning Crusades
Illidan Stormrage Wallpaper

World of Warcraft has had their fair share of unofficial legacy servers now The Felmyst Project has released a legacy server taking players back to the good ol’ times: The Burning Crusade (now in open beta).

The Burning Crusade expansion has always been known as one of the most challenging. It introduced large new zones and rough raiding. The Felmyst Project is hoping to recreate this dreadful time in their own server. The Felmyst Project stated that they’ve spent years privately creating a server that does not include the typical flaws that constantly remind players that the server is not official for a reason. Their goal is to give players the challenge they crave and give senior players an overall satisfying experience. He speaks upon this in the video below.

Most other servers try to speed things up by doing things like 200% XP gain or 200% damage, but these guys are running against the crowd with their project. In order to play on this server, all you have to do is register for an account on the website, download the client and you are done. You can now play in this open beta server. However, Blizzard is known to shut down legacy servers such as this one, so it is unsure if this will be around for long.

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