World of Tanks on console gets its biggest (free) update yet in the form of Mercenaries.

World of Tanks fans – your time is now! Mercenaries joins the party today as the title’s largest update yet. This isn’t just any old update, however. The game is getting a complete revamp, and the console game is now known as World of Tanks: Mercenaries. The update is, of course, exclusive to Xbox 360/One and PS4, and is completely free. It brings new tanks, new maps, a new story PvE campaign and more.

World of Tanks

For those unfamiliar with World of Tanks – this title is an MMO, which features a multitude of game modes. With the addition of War Stories earlier this year, the game is packed full of exciting content and is only going to get more wild with the addition of Mercenaries. Players find themselves in control of the tank’s movement, and must work with other players to strategically complete the goal. That goal is to destroy the opposing team’s tanks and capture the enemy base.

The Story

Imagine this – a world where the most devastating war to ever ravage the globe never ended. As the tension and fighting reaches a boiling point, the traditional alliances see their influence begin to wane and watch the mercenaries gain momentum. So what happens? Well as the saying goes – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The most powerful governments and militaries have begun offering cash to those who will accept it in exchange for their ruthless, savage tactics. The era of Mercenaries is upon us.

World of Tanks

What’s New

If you’ve been religiously playing World of Tanks on console since the Xbox 360 and early PS4 days, then you are certainly in for a treat today. The team at Wargaming has worked their magic yet again! They have announced that Mercenaries will able to play on Xbox One and PS4 Pro with 4K HDR visuals on displays that allow.

In addition to this, players will find that they have some pretty awesome new customization options at their fingertips. From today’s press release:

“Combining the strengths of history’s most powerful war machines, the new Mercenary ‘nation’ and Tech Tree were born. Mercenaries collect parts from captured and abandoned vehicles on the battlefield to create a new breed of tanks, giving players the opportunity to earn powerful, never-before-seen Mercenary vehicles through the brand new Contract system. Fulfilling certain in-game objectives, such as destroying a number of tanks from a specific nation in multiplayer battles, will unlock vehicles from the fascinating new armada.”

World of Tanks

Simply put, if you don’t think the idea of driving around Frankenstein’s monster versions of war tanks, well, then we are just sorry. The new PvE single player campaign added to War Stories called The Heist will excite players. This follows a crew of Mercenaries on a mission to steal nuclear material for a client. During their mission, they find themselves in conflict with the combined military might of the United States and the Soviet Union.

Check out the official teaser trailer and get hyped for some explosive tank warfare action!

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