The world first +21 mythic keystone completed in time is Atal’dazar.

Mythic keystones, or Mythic+ dungeons, have been a staple of the game since Legion. The addition to the game has given a whole new esports competition: the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. With the release of Battle For Azeroth, Blizzard has revamped Mythic+ dungeons to switch Fortified/Tyrannical to a +2 and included seasonal affixes such as Infested to replace +10.

The latest achievement in the Mythic+ scene is the world first +21 Mythic keystone. The team comfortably cleared Atal’dazar with two minutes to spare. The team composition included a Blood Death Knight (Lepan), Mistweaver Monk (Gotyo), Havoc Demon Hunter (Asmondh), Beast Mastery Hunter (Gingi), and Subtlety Rogue (Speedoflife). The affixes were Fortified, Bursting, Quaking, and Infested. The team had an average item level of 385.6.

Team composition in Mythic+ may change in the next season.

One commenter pointed out that the overwhelming majority of tanks in high Mythic+ keys are Blood Death Knights. About 57.4 percent of Mythic+ tanks were Blood Death Knights. Only 16 percent of tanks were Demon Hunters. Brewmaster Monk and Protection Paladin accounted for 10.9 and 10.8 percent of tanks in Mythic+ respectively. Few players chose Protection Warrior (3.4 percent) or Guardian Druid (1.5 percent). This may change in the next Mythic+ season, as Blizzard may listen to the complaints of class mains who are underrepresented in Mythic+ dungeons.

The preference of dungeons at the +19 and +20 level is also interesting to look at here. The top 3 ranked runs are all Atal’dazar, with the dungeon appearing six times total. Eight groups chose Freehold, making it the most popular dungeon in the top 20. Three groups did Siege of Boralus. Tol Dagor, Underrot, and Waycrest Manor round out the top 20, making one appearance each.

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