WonderCon 2019


WonderCon is the little sister convention to the San Diego Comic-Con.  This year, it was in Anaheim, California, and it is a very memorable convention!


The Anaheim Convention Center‘s expansion has been completed.  Moreover, the new annex gives it a lot more meeting space and WonderCon made sure to fill that up. In addition to comic books, they featured plenty of actors, comic creators, genre entertainment, and the latest in geeky technology.  One friend decided to purchase $200.00 worth of dice and dice paraphernalia after just 90 minutes in the convention.  Meanwhile, WonderCon does not suffer from the same crowding issues that hang over SDCC.  It is easy to get around within minutes from location to location.

WonderCon Mario
Mama Mia…

Additionally, I love the Anaheim Convention Center’s placement.  It sits near several restaurants that are a short walk away, so finding food is not an issue.  Just about all of it is American grill-style restaurants, however, each having its own quirks, so you are not eating the same food everywhere.


The convention itself has a lot of high-end creators in it, including DC’s Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, Tom King, and Mikel Janin.  More and more comic companies are attending this convention in 2019.

Jim Lee DC Comics
Jim Lee!

However, it is notable that, despite being in Disney’s backyard, Marvel Comics did not attend.  It is a glaring problem that is more Marvel/Disney’s fault than WonderCon’s.

What truly sets WonderCon apart from SDCC, though, is the fan-friendly nature of the convention.  Within the badge-only zone, there are a number of places to cosplay without getting in the way of the convention itself.  Unlike the Los Angeles Convention Center, or even the San Diego Convention Center, the staff here is pretty relaxed and content to just watch things happen without harassing people unnecessarily.

WonderCon Dealer Dealers Hall
A busy day in the Dealer’s Hall

In addition, the Dealer’s Hall is overflowing with comic books, toys, creators, publishers, and other odds and ends that can enhance a collector’s lifestyle.  WonderCon has its own highly-sought exclusives that keep fans on their toes.  This can be signing up for online lotteries or lining up for limited Funko Pops.


If you are interested in comic cosplay, this is your West Coast destination.  I saw more superheroes here than in my weekly pull list.  They run the gamut from comics to video games to television.  If you have an interest in people in costume, you will find something to put a smile on your face.  Cosplay is almost encouraged here, really.  This is the only convention where I am excited to wander the halls as I am to find news.

Cosplay Rat Queens Image Comics
Did I mention I am a Rat Queens Fan?


Some conventions are industry-laden with good guests.  Other conventions want to be a place the fans can mingle and compare cosplay.  WonderCon is the only convention in California that excels at both.  Meanwhile, the best part is that WonderCon does not use all of the Anaheim Convention Center.  There is room to grow and add even more to this stacked spring show.

Halo Cosplay WonderCon
The Bachelor looks awesome this season

I have already made plans to go next year.

WonderCon 2020 will take place April 10 through April 12.  Badges should be on sale early in 2020.