image of lady sylvanas as warchief in undercity
Lady Sylvanas

Lady Sylvanas got appointed Warchief by Vol’jin when he was on his deathbed at the start of Legion

**Note: This article may contain spoilers**

 There have been some things that have made fans call her Garrosh 2.0. Sylvanas’s actions have even caused players to faction change off the Horde side. Some players have stayed on the Horde side. However, what comes up the most is that Sylvanas burned the world tree. Many players feel she did that without honor, while others agree with the choice.  

image of sylvanas by erik braddock
Lady Sylvanas


Sylvanas Appointed Warchief

When Vol’jin died, he said the loa spoke to him and told him that Sylvanas must lead the Horde. She led the Horde to victory in Legion, so why shouldn’t she get the chance to be Warchief. Though, some question why she became Warchief. Even Saurfang chastised her for doing something without honor.

 There are many, both Alliance & Horde who would admit that Sylvanas leads a Horde without honor. Everyone though questions the choice for her to be the ultimate ruler of the Horde. Princess Talanji decides she wants answers. Talanji summons Voljin so that they might get some answers on why Sylvanas is Warchief. After his summoning, Voljin talks about the details of his death. He also discusses a time where he felt cut off from the loa. 

image of sylvanas in battle for azeroth trailer
Lady Sylvanas

The Loa of Death

Vol’jin admits that his death was dark, and his memory has since dwindled. Towards the end of his conversation with Talanji, he realizes that it wasn’t a loa that wanted her to be Warchief. It was something far more powerful. What could be more potent than a loa? So, Talanji proceeds to summon others to see if they wanted Sylvanas. 

 Bwonsamdi gets summoned and questioned. He admits that he does not mind war and death, but Sylvanas tips the scales too far. He does not like her because she keeps what she kills. Keeping what she kills upsets the balance of life & death, which is essential to maintain. 

loa of death

The Lich King

They then summon the Lich King. For those who do not know, Sylvanas got killed & raised by the Lich King. She regained her will back as the Frozen Throne cracked and the Lich King’s power started to dwindle. He is not even a fan of the new found Warchief either. 

 Vol’jin asks the Lich King if he was the voice who told him to name Sylvanas. The Lich King explains that she threatens the balance and he had no hand in that either. He then proceeds to explain that Vol’jin’s soul has walked on the Other Side and then returned. In the process, he was altered, and the Lich King tells him to leave as well as the minions of the Banshee Queen. 

image of the lich king, King arthas pointing his sword
King Arthas, The Lich King


They go to Eyir, who Sylvanas tried to subdue before Genn Graymane stopped her. Eyir is not happy with a priestess of Bwonsamdi entering her halls. She agrees to talk with Vol’jin and his champion. Eyir explains to Vol’jin that whatever he has become, she does not have the power to make. She also reveals that he was touched by the hand of valor. The one who touched him could not have been the one to want Sylvanas as Warchief. 

 It appears that whoever spoke to Vol’jin, is not the same one who sent him back. Then Eyir sends him on his way and tells him that she gave him all the information she is willing to share with him. In the end, nobody has an answer to the questions. Now we are only left to speculate who could have so much power to make Vol’jin think they were a Loa when they spoke to him. 

hd image of eyir from world of warcraft legion

Who Was It

With the Old Gods making a return, we speculate that they are the ones who wanted Sylvanas as Warchief. They would be powerful enough to intercept someone’s thoughts. They would even be the ones who would want the death and destruction Sylvanas has left in her path.

 Who do you think wanted Sylvanas as Warchief? What do you predict in the future of the Horde with her as Warchief? Let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.