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Many people out there suffer Anxiety; this article has a generic title though it is personal.

I suffer from anxiety and realized it had only gotten more severe. I would become affected in World of Warcraft and started experiencing anxiety attacks over in-game situations, like crossing bridges. I’ll add a little note here before continuing. We at DVS Gaming are not qualified health professionals. The purpose of the article is to discuss my personal experiences and what works for me. This is to let you know that you are not alone in the face of anxiety.
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When Did I Realize Anxiety Was an Issue?

I knew there was a problem. I have always had anxiety but it appeared to get worse as I got older. The anxiety would fester and grow. I had no idea that it was getting worse until I entered the dungeon of Freehold in World of WarcraftI had a panic attack on a bridge in that dungeon. One of my guild members told me to close my eyes and he’d grab a 2-seater mount. I’ve had an issue with bridges that stemmed from a fear of heights, which only grew.
I’m also big in GTA RP (also known as FiveM by many who role play in GTA). I have a wide range of friends who play and hang out with me as well. One time, I was hanging out with one of my friends who is my RP sister. Since my character loves climbing on things, she would climb to the top of the Vinewood sign. Think Hollywood sign, only a fictional city much like Hollywood. The sister I was hanging out with looked up and got sick and started getting anxiety herself, the difference is that she was able to overcome her anxiety almost immediately moving away from the area. 
vinewood sign the top of it in gta rp (fivem)
On top of the Vinewood sign in GTA RP

Anxiety Attack in Game:

When I stood on the top of the Vinewood sign, I started freaking out. I had a full blown panic attack, and I could not breathe. It took approximately for 30 to 45 minutes before I was able to finally catch my breath. My therapist, in one of the sessions I had with her recently, suggested that I get something like a stress ball. I chose to get what many people call Squishy’s, but their name is actually Squishamals
They have a special type of foam and are also used as sensory objects. When you squeeze them they give off the same feeling as if it was a stress ball. They work for many different mental health conditions or stress. I have two of them; one stays on my desk at all times and the other, I keep in the cars. Even in movie theaters, I start to fidget due to my ADHD, which causes me to be disruptive there. I bring the squishy in the car with me to the movies, and it prevents attacks because I am constantly using it.
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What do you do when your anxieties start interfering with your gaming? I would recommend trying the squishy or a stress ball. However, I  would also tell you to seek out a therapist. Not all therapists will tell you to give up gaming. In fact, my therapist is using video game therapy to help me overcome specific anxieties. That is an article I plan on saving for another day. There are many resources that you may use as well to try and get help for your anxieties. RemedyLive is one of those resources worth looking into. 
Do you have any anxieties that get triggered by your gaming? How do you overcome them and cope? Let us know in the comments below; I would love to hear what works for you and what doesn’t? 
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Disclaimer: Remember, this article is not a substitute for professional medical help! Please seek help from a professional, should you need it. This article is to say “Hey you are NOT alone.” You need to find what works for you and seek professional help!