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Over 200 Employees Laid Off

The past Friday was a fateful one for the game development studio. Telltale Games announced a “Majority Studio Closure.” Employees were told to leave the building within thirty minutes of the announcement.

Former narrative designer, Emily Grace Buck, was active on Twitter following the event. She tweeted that former employees would have a chance to go back to the studio for personal belongings.

Tomorrow, all the former Telltale employees get a 3 hour block of time in which we’ll be allowed back into the building to get our things, since we had to vacate half an hour after the termination meeting.”

Causes and Effects of the Shutdown

According to CEO Pete Hawley, Telltale games had an ‘incredibly difficult year.’ Though the company believed its games were high quality, their sales did not reflect their pride.

Allegedly, only the first season of The Walking Dead and its Minecraft game were profitable. The rest of the games were financial failures.

This is not the first time the game studio showed signs of splintering. In November 2017, Telltale laid off 25% of its workforce. This was just shy of a hundred people. Furthermore, former CEO Kevin Bruner said in a post he left the company after clashing with the Board of Directors about the studio’s future. Telltale Games

Many gamers are wondering what the future of many Telltale franchises will be. For instance, the popular Walking Dead franchise is releasing the next episode to its final season this week. There is doubt the game will remain updated after the release.

Telltale had also planned on releasing a game based on Stranger Things. With the news of the shutdown, the future of the project is precarious. However, there has been no news officially about the project. All rumors on specific details will be answered by Telltale on its upcoming roadmap. Telltale Games