What is the Overwatch League?

Overwatch League: Season 2 officially begins on February 14th, which means you and your significant other can binge the first day of games as your Valentine’s date. If this is your first time watching the League, or you want to learn more about the previous season, you’ve come to the right place.

The Overwatch League is made up of these 20 teams. Eight of these teams are joining the League just this year. Atlanta Reign, Chengou Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and Washington Justice will all make their debut during the first week of stage one. These teams will face off during the League’s regular season, working towards the Grand Finals.

Overwatch League Teams Courtesy of Blizzard

Season 1 Grand Finals

The end of Season 1 resulted in a Grand Finals smackdown between Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire. In the end, Spitfire took the win with a 3 – 0 victory and a prize pool of $1,000,000. They were the first team to win the inaugural Overwatch League championship. Fusion left the arena defeated but with a runner-up prize of $400,000.

The games themselves were exciting, and the crowd’s enthusiasm at the Barclay’s Center was contagious. Fusion seemed to be a fan favorite, but Spitfire wiped the floor with the opposing team and hopes were crushed. The Finals were a best of five, but Spitfire took Junkertown, Lijang Tower, and King’s Row right out from under Fusion’s noses.

London Spitfire – Photo by Robert Paul Courtesy of Dot Esports

The Season 1 Standing

You can look at the standings for the end of Overwatch League: Season 1 here. The team in first, New York Excelsior, has a map differential (wins minus losses) of +83. They’ve won a total of 126 maps, lost 43, and tied on 4. The team following them, Los Angeles Valiant, has a map differential of only +36.

Keep an Eye Out

Fans should keep an eye out for New York Excelsior. Excelsior has a chance to go far in Season 2 of the League. While they didn’t make it to the Grand Finals, they did make it to the Semifinals. Unfortunately for them, Philidelphia Fusion kicked them out of the running. There’s a substantial gap in Excelsior’s map differential compared to the rest of the League’s teams. They also have “Pine,” one of the best DPS players in the League next to “Carpe” who plays for Fusion.

Pine – Photo by Robert Paul Courtesy of Dot Esports

Los Angeles Valiant was relatively steady during season one. Landing themselves in stage three and four of the Playoffs, as well as being the Pacific Division leader. I’m anticipating some great games from these guys.

I’d also recommend keeping an eye on Dallas Fuel. While they didn’t play that well during Season 1, I’m expecting them to have significantly improved over the off-season. They’re also a fan favorite.

Of course, we have to keep an eye out for our Grand Finalists Philidelphia Fusion and London Spitfire. We also have no idea how well the eight new teams are going to play. This season of Overwatch League is going to be intense and I’m excited to see how well these teams play.

Are you planning on following the second season of the Overwatch League? Who are you rooting for this year? Let us know in the comments below.