image of the silvershard mines loading screren
Silvershard Mines loading screen

World of Warcraft is a popular MMO that has been around since around 2004.

Like anything, there are things wrong with the popular game, World of Warcraft. Today, I discuss what is wrong with it. First all, the game is still not free to play. You have plenty of free to play games such as Star Trek Online that are very successful. The companies make money by offering ways to buy in-game items for real money. 
screenshot of the subscription page on the launcher
Subscription on Launcher
Sure, they have a way to pay with your gold for wow time. Yet, not everyone has the time or resources to be able to grind out the gold necessary to buy a wow token every month. Right now the tokens are 110k gold, which is easy to get if you know how to. I managed to get 5 million gold in a months time from nothing to get my Brutosaur portable AH mount, so it is possible. The difference is I have the time and the resources as I don’t have a job except my YouTube, Streaming, and writing. 


Though not everyone has that luxury I do. One thing you guys know by now, I hate PVP as per an article where I discussed that. My issues might differ from someone else. When I asked the community what they felt was wrong with the game, PvP is one of the responses I received. There have been changes to PvP, as nothing will ever stay the same. The PvP community, at least the ones I have spoken to don’t like what they have done recently with it. 
image of silvershard mines in wow waiting for it to start
Waiting for BG to start

The Community

The community has gotten so toxic. You used to have so many people willing to help you out whether you were new to the game or new to raiding. It’s hard to find a great guild with nontoxic players nowadays. This is one of the things that I used to rave about when I started playing was how the community was so helpful and nice. Now it seems that you end up with a lot of mean and rude people. I still play the game I have since turned to enjoy solo ques or sticking to my few select friends and family in the game.
It can be pretty hard to get gear nowadays, especially if you don’t have time to spend hours on that endless grind for it. You have to run dungeons and heroics, LFRs, among other ways to get the gear you need. Though, it is not that hard like it used to be it is still hard if you don’t have time to grind it. 
image of the item level on a beast mastery hunter
Item Level on a hunter

Too Easy

The game used to be a little more challenging in the starting levels. You used to be able to get attacked, now the enemies at the starting level don’t attack unless you attack first. This can be boring for a veteran player who remembers that challenge. The talent tree changes are among the list of changes made to the game. Other players and I actually do miss the old talent tree system. I have a friend who quit playing because of the talent tree change and will not return as a result. 
Everyone has their own opinion about what is wrong with any video game. My question to you is what do you think is wrong with World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!