The booty.

A Potential Money Maker

As of this article, however, the masses have yet to realize what exactly abyssal fragments are. Furthermore, few people have actually seen one drop.

Where Can One Find The Fragments?

Mine dropped from Priestess Zaldraxia in Nazmir. That is not the only mob that drops them. It is rumored all mobs have an incredibly minute chance to drop a fragment. These are rumors, though. For instance, K’thir Harbinger has a 100% chance to drop the fragment, but there have only been 3 trials. That is like flipping a coin once and proclaiming you will always get that result. We simply have to wait until more data comes in. If other, more tested mobs are any indication: these fragments are rare.

What Purpose Do The Fragments Serve?

The answer to this question is ‘why, it is a potential market on the auction house.’ I myself sold one for 40k. I would not expect the prices to remain at that benchmark. Once people realize the fragments will net them this beauty, the flood gates will have opened.

Blood Serpent Mount

The Mount

In order to get the secret mount, you will have to be either rich, patient, or both. You will need 20 abyssal fragments. After which you can combine them and go to Stormsong Valley. There you will place the new, combined item upon the Altar of the Abyss.

Clicking it will drain you of some of your health. Then you can ‘make an offer to the abyssal flame.’ The flame is in the same zone, at Warfang Hold. You will need a group to kill the elite which spawns, and only the summoner will be able to receive the mount.

As of today, I have yet to see anyone with the mount. It may be rarer than the krolusk mount from the new Glory meta achievement.

For all of you going now to farm, remember the wise words of a notorious…erm…gold farmer.