warframe chroma prime update

New Powerful Prime Warframe

Digital Extremes has unleashed a new Prime warframe, the ancient and powerful Chroma Prime. In addition, welcome the Rubico Prime and Gram Prime weapons. All are available on the Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 versions of the game, Warframe. You can unlock these Prime items by buying the Prime Access Pack, which also includes other exclusive cosmetics. Or, if you want a challenge, you can get Prime items by using the Relic hunting system within the game.

The new chroma prime warframe. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

All About Chroma

Chroma is a word for “color,” and the Chroma Warframe utilizes changing color in order to vary the way it deals damage.  Chroma is the lord of ruin and also the master of elements, including fire, ice, electricity, and poison. This Warframe is the 22nd Prime Warframe and the 58th overall.

Items have been released alongside the Warframe, including Rubico, a sniper-rifle for a hunter. The weapon Gram is for the master swordsman. There are also Prime glyphs, armor, and a syandana blade. If you buy the Prime Access Pack you’ll also get a 90-day credit booster and a 90-day affinity booster with your purchase.

New chroma weapons. Image courtesy of Digital Extremes.

What’s so Powerful About Prime?

From the Warframe story standpoint, Prime Warframes and weapons are considered ultra rare and super powerful.  They were the technology that was present at the height of the Orokin Era. Their superior performance and rarity make them very valuable and sought-after items in the solar system.

Warframe is free to play. If you haven’t started playing yet, now is a great time to get these great items put in your arsenal. Chroma Prime and accessories are available now.