The Recent Warcraft Movie Auction Ended With Some Large Purchases.

The recent World of Warcraft movie auction was a monetary success.  Due to the excitement surrounding this auction, there were many items that sold for several thousands of dollars each.

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Buyers of the top ten items spent no less than $15,000 on their new purchases.  Most noteworthy, the highest grossing item was King Llane’s battle armor and shield worn by Dominic Cooper in the film.  This set fetched a staggering $60,000.

The next item was King Llane’s hero sword and sheath used for close-ups, which sold for $51,000.00.  Lothar’s Alliance armor and shield, worn by Travis Fimmel, brought in $41,000.00.  Purchasers of the fourth and fifth place items bought one each of King Llane’s shields selling for $31,000.00 and $25,000.00 respectively.

Lothar’s hero sword and sheath used for close-ups were next on the list at $21,000.00.  An Alliance knight armor with poleaxe piece and King Llane’s ring tied, selling for $18,000.00 each.

The Alliance foot-soldier battle damaged armor and weapons ended the auction at $16,000.00.  Finally, the last piece in the top ten was Alliance knight-armor with poleaxe selling for $15,000.00.

Warcraft Movie Props Image from Wowhead

The next highest grossing items did not finish in the top ten, but still brought in a significant amount of money.  Orgrim’s Doomhammer, used by Robert Kazinsky, sold for $12,000.00.  King Llane’s throne was purchased for $10,000.00.  One of the mailboxes brought in $5,500.00.  Medivh’s ‘Atiesh’ Staff wielded by Ben Foster sold for $4750.00.

Noteworthy, the auction raised $1,448,295.00 and took place over several days.  Bidders included 3532 people hoping for a piece of Warcraft history.  Of the 565 lots, the average price ended up being $2084.00.  A total of 598,523 viewers followed the auction.

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This information was compiled from Wowhead courtesy of Prop Store.  Some players are concerned that this auction may mark the end of the Warcraft movies.

What do you think of the auction results?  Do you think this is the end of the Warcraft movie franchise?  Did you follow or purchase any of the items auctioned?  Let us know in the comments!