Vulpera race

Data mining shows that Vulpera could become the next Allied Race.

Blizzard has not introduced any new Allied Races for 8.2, but it is possible that new Allied Races could be coming for Patch 8.3. In fact, Wowhead reported that Vulpera is included in the file scenescripttext.db2. This file is used for in-game cutscenes with your character present.

Vulpera confirmed 8.3

This particular line of code is of interest. It all but confirms that Vulpera will be the next Allied Race in World of Warcraft.

Vulpera in 8.3?

We do not have any release date for Patch 8.3 (let alone Patch 8.2). We do know that with this info, that the Vulpera will be joining us in this expansion. It is more likely they will join the Horde than the Alliance. The storyline shows the Horde helping the Vulpera in the Vol’dun quest line.

What will be the corresponding Alliance Allied Race?

At this time of writing, we know that Allied Races come in pairs. According to a March 15, 2018 developer Q&A with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, players asked questions about the new Allied Races. We most recently got Kul Tiran Humans alongside Zandalari Trolls. However, there is no evidence of the corresponding Alliance Allied Race as of this writing.

Hazzikostas said, “I don’t know that we were trying to cause a debate, but it’s inevitable that it was going to happen. You see a character that you really like and think, ‘Why can’t that be Alliance?’, and vice-versa for the Horde, but that’s part of what gives those factions their excitement and charm. We want people to pick a side or a race that they identify with – that they want to be them in this world. And who knows, that may actually result in players changing factions, or at least rolling a second toon on the opposite side.”

Do you think the Vulpera will be the next Allied Race in World of Warcraft? What do you think the corresponding Alliance Allied Race will be? Let us know in the comments below!