What links video gaming to online casino gaming? Read on to find out why these two forms of gaming go hand in hand and why both are a gamble.

Casino Gaming

The Gamble of Gaming

Do you remember when game night used to mean beer, potato chips and a game of cards or a board game? The old-schoolers among you are probably spluttering in indignation about how game night hasn’t changed a bit, and we applaud your loyalty to tradition.

But for those that have taken the leap with new technology into the world of online gaming, game night can never be the same. Once video games became multi-player video games, gaming took on a whole new dimension. Video gamers came out of their solitary caves and joined forces with other cave dwellers to become warriors and heroes. Like-minded nerds (and we mean that with all due respect) banded together to create a new way of socializing—albeit with eyes still firmly glued to screens.

Technology Has Changed The Game

The incredible improvements that continue to be made to the graphics and mechanics of online video games are the reason that this genre continues to grow in popularity. These improvements can also be seen and felt in online casino games. The rise in popularity of online casinos has been phenomenal. A quick glance at a site like will show you just how huge the online casino industry has become and how many new casino games are available.

The two forms of gaming are linked together by the technology that drives them. Themes, storylines, and brands can often cross over from one form of gaming to another. And the people playing online video games are often the same people playing online casino games. We imagine this is because once you’ve discovered the thrill of having video games available on your desktop or mobile you’re more likely to search for other forms of online entertainment. And the thrill gets a little more thrilling when money is involved.

The prestige and honor attached to winning a multi-player game or achieving the highest level in a first-person shooter or racing game are very appealing. Players are willing to devote hours and hours of their lives to achieving this kind of fame. But the possibility of striking it rich by winning a huge jackpot is worthy of just as many hours of devotion.

With Risk Comes Reward

Both forms of gaming are a gamble and they both appeal to a certain type of character – the risk taker. With video gaming, you’re gambling with your own high score or your team’s chances of success. The expectation to do well can lead to intense pressure. Those players who are at the top of their game can find themselves part of a professional team that plays in tournaments. The prize money that’s up for grabs in these tournaments runs into thousands of dollars! That’s a lot to play for.

The gamble associated with online casino gaming is more obvious but no less intense. A high stakes poker player has to be able to remain calm under intense pressure, made even greater by the fact that their own money is at stake. A gambler trying to hit a jackpot on a slot machine has to have the stomach to wait out the losses in order to get the win. Only a true risk taker can handle the intensity of the gamble. Other, less ballsy players may enjoy the ride, but the players at the top of the game are usually the ones who are not afraid to go all the way; come what may.

When you stand video gaming and online gambling next to each other, you can easily see the links that connect them. But it seems like we’ve come to the conclusion that the true link between them is the characteristic of the players who conquer the games. We think only the men/women of steel come out on top to win the gamble; do you agree?