VanillaFriends will help old World of Warcraft friends find each other.

Do you remember your first raiding guild? Were some of your friends offline for 10 (or more) years? With WoW Classic around the corner, VanillaFriends is looking to reconnect players (current and former) to previous guilds and guildies. No registration is required, so you can just enter your information and start looking for any of your old World of Warcraft friends.


The site is live for both NA and EU players. You just have to choose your faction, server, and character name. You can also choose how players can contact you (currently, there are options for Discord, Reddit,, Email, or other). If you’re searching for friends, you can use a variety of filters to find them.

VanillaFriends Filters

More fan sites may be created for WoW Classic.

The site is live now, but it is still unclear exactly when WoW Classic will drop (although Blizzard has stated a summer 2019 release). Given the existence of sites like VanillaFriends, there is no telling how many people will come back to form guilds of old. New iterations of guilds may form despite players not having played for 10+ years.

Some fans have expressed that they would like additional options. “I would love to see this expanded to include other expansions as well. Maybe have an option for each character you enter you can select which expansions that character was active,” said commenter Isilador. World of Warcraft fans hungry for nostalgia could prompt Blizzard to create servers for The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. There are several private servers for these expansions as well, many of them fan-run.

What do you think about finding your old guildies and friends on VanillaFriends? Will you be playing WoW Classic? Let us know in the comments below!