Uldir, BFA, wow, raid
Uldir, Battle for Azeroth, courtesy of Wowhead

Wondering About the First Raid in Battle for Azeroth:  Uldir? Here’s a Look at What to Expect.

An old laboratory and a quarantined place, Uldir is a dark sanctum of secrets which has been locked away for centuries.  However, with the corruption of the Zandalari, Uldir must be conquered in order to defeat the the final boss: the Blood God G’huun.

Thanks to the BFA Beta and Wowhead, we can take a look at the bosses, and what to expect from the first raid in BFA.


In this encounter, Taloc the Corrupted fills the room with blood storms that cause shadow damage to players.  His ‘Cudgel of Gore’ can be thrown at enemies to cause shadow damage, and inflict a knock-back ability.   He will power down around 60% health, but his damage taken is 99% reduced, so it is imperative to fight the Coalesced Blood and Volatile Droplets  which swarm the room.  From this point on, you must fight both Taloc and the adds in order to defeat this boss.

Taloc, Uldir, world of warcraft, wow, boss, raid, bfa
Taloc the Corrupted, courtesey of Wowhead


Mother uses an ability called ‘Cleansing Purge’ when players enter a room.  This purge will inflict fire damage, with a DoT to any players in the room when the room is purged.  Defense grids will cause arcane damage, and a DoT. These grids will also summon Corruptions, which must be defeated in order to enter the room.  However, once you enter the room, you receive Strength of Purity buff, which cleanses all corruption and increases damage done by 100%.

Uldir, Mother, raid, bfa, wow, warcraft
Mother, courtesy of Wowhead


Vectis is a blood sample gone wrong.  This animated drop of G’huun’s blood uses Omega Vector to root players, and cause shadow damage.  Once the root has expired, it jumps to the closest player and creates a stack of lingering infection.  Lingering infection increases nature damage exponentially for each stack applied.

Uldir, Vectis, boss, BFA, raid
Vectis, courtesy of Wowhead


Mythrax the Unraveler uses Annihilation to reduce player health.  Annihilation has a chance to trigger Existence Fragments that can replenish players health.  There is still a great deal unknown about Mythrax at this point.

Mythrax, wow, warcraft, bfa, Uldir
Mythrax the Unraveler, courtesy of Wowhead

Fetid Devourer

Fetid Devourer will store up energy, and at 100%, will use an ability called Rotting Regurgitation to cause nature damage, and a cone of Malodorous Miasma to those in front of him.  Corruption Corpuscles will also be dumped into the room and must be killed before they release Enticing Essence.  Enticing Essence makes the fetid devourer come to the corpuscle and devour it.  If he devours the corpuscle, he will regain 10% health and 20 energy.  Once he reaches 50% health, he will enter Fetid Frenzy, which increases his damage output by 25%, and damage taken by 50%.

Fetid Devourer, BFA, wow, warcraft, Uldir, raid
Fetid Devourer, courtesy of Wowhead


Zul, Reborn starts off with forces of blood, and will summon these throughout the encounter.  Once he reaches 40%, he consumes the blood to use Locus of Corruption, which applies a stack of corrupted blood to all players.  Locus of Corruption applies a stack of shadow damage which ticks through the remainder of the encounter.  At this point, the encounter becomes a DPS race to strike down the boss before being overwhelmed by the dot.

Zul Reborn, Uldir, raid, BFA, wow, warcraft, boss
Zul, Reborn, courtesy of Wowhead


Zek’Voz, Herald of N’Zoth attacks during a series of cycling Titan Discs coming online and powering down.  When these discs are online, they summon servants of the Old God’s using Old God magic.  Void lash is an ability that causes tentacles to lash out in a cone, inflicting shadow damage and causing a healing reduction the player by 50% for 8 seconds.  Damaged Titan Discs will also cause Titan Sparks, which arc to several players and cause arcane damage.  Surging Darkness is also cast during the encounter, causing large amounts of shadow damage.  Eye Beam leaps from player to player, inflicting shadow damage.  Rolling Deceit is an ability that causes an Ominous Cloud and a dot of shadow damage.

Zek'Voz, Uldir, raid, boss, wow, warcraft, bfa
Zek’Voz, Herald of N’Zoth, courtesy of Wowhead


G’huun has been experimented upon for centuries after his capture.  He will be protected in the walls of the chamber until enough Power Matrices have charged the Regeneration Drive to free him.  Once released, players will have to overcome a barrage of abilities to defeat him.  Wave of Corruption applies Putrid Blood, a DoT of plague damage to all players once it touches them and knocks them back.  The only way to reset this DoT is to stack on Blood Feasts, which are tendrils that stun the target for 8 seconds.

All player in an 8-yard radius will be reset and a Gibbering Horror will spawn.  Players should keep powering up the Reorigination Drive in order to create a Reorigination Blast.  The blast will cause a burst of arcane damage to all players, but also to all creatures. This will also incapacitate the minions and boss for 25 seconds.  During the stun, all creatures will take 100% increased damage.  Once G’huun has been reduced to 25% health, Blood Feasts will no longer be available.

G'huun, raid, boss, BFA, wow, warcraft, Uldir
G’huun, courtesy of Wowhead

You can read about more abilities and the breakdown for tanks, healers, and DPS for each boss on Wowhead.

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