orc smithing

The New Patterns

Players going into the new raid will be crafting item level 355 gear. However, the materials for this mighty armor are not easily acquired. To forge, weave, or otherwise craft these beauties–you are going to have to farm a new reagent unique to the raid. More on that below.

The gear itself is bind on pickup, so gold makers will not be adding to their industries with these patterns. Moreover, upon crafting a piece, you automatically learn the 370 item level version.

As of now, only tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths have applicable recipes for the raid.

Crafting Reagent: Sanguicell

The limiting factor in all the patterns is a single reagent, Sanguicell. The base versions of each recipe do not require the component. However, for item levels 370 and 385, you will need a substantial amount. Scrapping the first item gives all Hydrocore and Sanguicell used to craft it. This will help when you are finally ready to upgrade the armor.

For item level 370, players will need 25 Sanguicell. For the highest quality armor, players will need 10 times that, at 250 Sanguicell. If this seems unobtainable, it may be. The reagent drops from bosses depend on the difficulty of the raid. It may take months, or it may take weeks.

Looking for Raid bosses drop 1 Sanguicell per wing. There are 3 wings in total, meaning it will take 9 weeks to craft a single piece 370 piece. Normal mode yields 1 Sanguicell per boss. In Heroic mode, things are even more expedited. It will only take a single run to craft both 370 patterns for the profession. There are an estimated 25 Sanguicell per Mythic Uldir boss, meaning it takes a single run to upgrade an item level 370 to 385.

If gearing quickly is what you want, Mythic or at the very least Heroic modes are the way to go.