A Return to RTS Heaven

Real-time Strategy games have come a long way from the late 80s and early 90s. They have evolved into what we now call MOBAs and 4X game experiences, which are far cries from the original RTS titles. Still, many gamers look back at the silver age of PC gaming and long for a time when all RTS games needed were buildings, resources, and high powered Mammoth Tanks. Well, those days are about to come back in a big way as Electronic Arts has stated that they will be reviving the first two Command and Conquer games in beautiful 4K. That’s right, Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are coming back with a nice new coat of paint.

Image result for command and conquer red alert 1 cut scenes
If done right, the remastering of this game will be brilliant. Courtesy of Lifewire

This news first hit the web back in November of last year, so it has been well known that these games are being remastered. However, some new developments have comes to light since then that promise to excite fans of the classic franchise.

Out With Westwood, In With Petroglyph

Simply remastering a series of games as legendary as Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert can not be taken lightly. Westwood Studios, the company that originally created the games, shut their doors back in 2003. Many of the employees of that studio banded to together to create Petroglyph Games. This studio has been responsible for making several Star Wars RTS games as well as the recent 8-Bit Armies title. EA reached out the studio to ask them for help in remastering those first titles, and many of the original team stepped up to the challenge.  That includes Joe Bostic,who was the Lead Programmer of both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. Along with him comes Steve Tall, the audio engineer who helped to make the games sound like actual wartime experiences.

Member of the original C&C Team: Mike Legg, Frank Kelpacki, Jim Vesella, and Ted Morris. Courtesy of EA

The remastering of titles from the mid-90’s has presented some technical issues for programmers. That is why EA has also brought in the Lemon Sky art studio to help these games shine in 4K brilliance. This group has been instrumental in restoring dated RTS games in the past, and they now set their eyes on C&C. 

More Information on Reddit

On the project’s Reddit page, EA has confirmed that this will be a remastering of the two games and not a remake. All of the same story, script, and content will be preserved for these titles. The difference will be increased fidelity that will place the games in the 21st century. It is even suggested that they will be using the live action cut scenes; cleaned up, of course. Both games will be bundled with their respective expansions, including Covert Ops, Counterstrike, and Aftermath. All this will be brought together for a single gaming experience that the fans will no doubt love.

Time Marches On for Command and Conquer

Remastering such iconic games will take time and resources to complete. EA has not revealed when these games will be completed, but they have stated that there is a special council of 13 C&C community leaders who are assisting with the project. This includes mod developers, streamers, and web admins. The developers have even suggested that you, the fans, can take an active part in remastering of these games through providing your input via their Reddit page.

I am personally looking forward to hearing the Hell March once again. I can’t wait to shoot red barrels and cause domino explosions across the map. Are ready for the remastered versions of Command And Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert? Let us know in the comments below!