Immortality Field and Ultimates

Baptiste’s been running around Overwatch live servers for a while now, and players are still finding creative ways to work around his kit. As is, Baptist’s immortality field allows him to keep low health teammates alive in sticky situations. The ability works exceptionally well when thrown down during game-changing ultimates.

For example, Genji’s ultimate can wipe teams completely. To counter this, players will save their support ultimates until opposing Genjis decide to whip out their blade and start slicing. Zenyatta is an excellent counter to Genji’s ultimate, especially if your team is stuck in Zarya’s graviton. If your team doesn’t have a Zenyatta though, Baptiste’s field has the potential to keep high-value targets alive. While the Genji has to hack away at the field, the rest of the team can use his distraction against him and take him down. Immortality field works similarly against other ultimates like Reinhardt’s or D.Va’s.

Baptiste’s Immortality Field Courtesy of Polygon


Luckily, there are ways to counter this pesky ability. If a team focuses the field, for example, it will fall quickly. Soldier 76’s ultimate can target the field as well. Recently, players have found a new way to counter Baptiste’s strongest ability, and it involves everyone’s favorite ice demon, Mei.

Redditor, mimjob, found a trick that nullifies the effect of the immortality field. When Mei builds her ice wall between the drone and the players using the field, the enemies aren’t within a line of sight. This means the drone can’t protect them. This video by Jochem Romijn illustrates precisely how this counter works.

Technically, Jochem’s video was posted before mimjob found the trick, but it’s only now being widely recognized by the player base.

According to other users on the thread, you can build a Mei wall directly under the field to completely nullify it. This works because the wall engulfs the drone entirely. Other abilities, such as Reinhardt’s shield and Winston’s bubble, work similarly. As long as the drone doesn’t have a line of sight, it can’t protect the team.

Now players have other ways to counter this game-changing ability. While not perfect, hopefully, these tricks help you and your team land some amazing team wipes in the near future.