My training is over.  This has been a long six months.  Since March, I have mentally and physically prepared for my first actual professional wrestling match.  How did it go?

Me and a couple random cosplayers before the event

I can say that most of the day, I wasn’t nervous, just kind of anxious.  All I wanted was to do a good job and make things smooth for everyone else involved.  I was the only one with less than two years experience.  Moreover, I had no experience.

At 4:30 p.m., I started work with the ring crew and helped set up 18 square feet of canvas, steel, and wood to make the ring a reality.  I always find the setup of a ring fascinating.  This isn’t a view the WWE likes to give anyone.

After setup, I had a few minutes to get used to a ring I have never seen before.  I had some last minute instructions by Supreme Pro Wrestling veteran, Patrick Fitzpatrick, on some key spots.

Then, I had to wait.  Being in the Main Event is a big honor, however, that meant I had three hours until the last match and I could try to do what I had seen hundreds of other people do on television and at live shows.

Here is a link to the match.  You can find me at 3:25:19 in the video.

Watch CWFNetwork’s mobile stream from CWFNetwork on

The veterans in the match at SPW & CWF Cosplay & Bodyslams were very supportive all around.  They helped me get through all of it.  The best compliments came from other Cosplay Wrestling Federation performers who said they forgot how inexperienced I was.  Everything looked like a serious wrestling match.

Mission accomplished!

Photo Credit to Robbie Pleasant

Meanwhile, the manager of SPW dropped some new information on me.  He wants me to come back for SacAnime Winter 2019 and Summer 2019 to continue this story line.

Just when I thought I was out…

I can’t thank a lot of people enough.  The short list is Alex, Donovan, Scott, Sir Samurai, Scoot Robertson, and Patrick Fitzpatrick for making all of this happen.  Now that I know I may have to do it again, all I can do is come back with more moves and do what I can to make a better show for everyone!

Me on the Right and (in order going left) Daniel, Sam, and Alex (Phoenix) post-show.

Moreover, I have a new respect for professional wrestlers.  I have first-hand experience of how they train and do what they do, albeit a very small experience.  In the end, I’m happy that I did it.  I’m happy that everyone came out of it without injury.  Finally, I’m happy that wrestling felt like a natural fit for me.

Meanwhile, I am adding a link to our latest comic reviews and our comic book podcast on the DVS Youtube page, the Part-Time Henchmen!