Which Spec Will Dominate in Mythic Season 1?

The following rankings come from a Q&A with Jdotb, a Method raider. These are his opinions, but they may have insight going into the new season. To see the full Q&A, where Jdotb talks about his experience with the expansion, as well as what spec he chose for his healers, click here.


  1. Vengeance Demon Hunter- The damage this spec can deal will be a card in the spec’s favor. However, the spec is squishier than others without cooldowns. Vengeance compensates for this with excellent mobility and self healing.
  2. Blood Death Knight- The Legion Blood DK left people feeling any class would be weak in comparison. The nerf to DK did hit the community hard, but the spec is still a survival specialist. “…and while it can’t support the group like it used to Vampiric Aura, it is still very adept at keeping itself alive which is no small feat in BFA.”
  3. Brewmaster Monk- The lack of self healing put Brewmaster behind other tanks last expansnion. BfA requires healers actually heal their tanks, so they are at less of a disadvantage. Moreover, the utility of Ring of Peace and Keg Smash allow for coordinated big pulls and kiting tanking.
  4. Protection Paladin- The class has the most utility of any tank in the game. It has good survivability and deals good damage. Unfortunately, the prot pally lacks a good system for gathering trash mobs quickly and conveniently.

Melee DPS

  1. Subtlety or Outlaw Rogue- Both specs are ‘elite’, but one is more AoE (Outlaw) and the other is single target (Sub).                                                                                                    “What puts rogue atop the melee rankings isn’t its damage, though, but rather its utility. Plenty of melee DPS have very good damage, but rogue gives the group Shroud of Concealment.”
  2. Havoc Demon Hunter- Fel Barrage and Eye Beam lend themselves to an incredibly high AoE potential. Moreover, DH has utility and defensive abilities that lend themselves well to mythic+.
  3. Unholy Death Knight- Large trash pulls are this specs specialty. The utility of the DK is not amazing, ‘but it brings a battle rest and Anti-Magic Shell.’

Ranged DPS

  1. Frost Mage- The king of ranged DPS in BfA. Frost Orb, Comet Storm, and Glacial Spike, as well as the constant slow are great for trash. The utility of the spec is not to be underestimated either, with bloodlust, invisibility, and ice blocks.
  2. Affliction Warlock- The single target damage of this spec will be far above any other spec. Again, the utility of the spec is also a benefit. With a destructive Drain Life as well as tools like Healthstone, Summon, etc., Affliction is extremely strong.
  3. Balance Druid- Due to their poor raid performance, people did not expect balance to be a contender. ‘Mythic+ and raiding are often divergent,’ Jdotb points out. They have strong CC and a battle res. They can also throw out extra healing with Restoration Affinity.


  1. Holy Paladin- The utility and defensives give the class its edge. It has tools for every situation, which makes it an all around good pick.
  2. Discipline Priest- The spec has great strengths and great weaknesses. The shields it has access to are lifesavers and the spec has decent damage potential. However, no healing cooldowns mean there are no room for errors.
  3. Mistweaver Monk- Like a holy pally with wings up all the time.” This is the sentence to describe their AoE healing. They don’t bring as much utility and their damage is lower than others, but their raw healing puts them ahead of nearly all others in that category.
  4. Restoration Druid- The defensives and utility are still great. Moreover, the druid has a stealth and battle res. These alone make the spec viable. Ironbark is the best external in the game, and will likely be up for every pull.


The specs which were left out are not necessarily bad, but have quirks or weak aspects which do not lend themselves to Mythic+ yet. Some specs may need a few weeks or months to show their strength.