image of a sim murder spree violence mods
Murder spree

In The Sims 4, we have violence mods.

I compiled a list of the Top 5 violence mods in The Sims 4, though they are all by the same creator. The violence mods I located from other creators are not as in-depth as Sacrificial. You might also recognize him as Dramatic Gamer., and he has created some pretty in-depth popular violence mods. Today we explore the ones I hold as my top 5 list.
image of a bunch of sims walking
Sims walking down the sidewalk

Extreme Violence

This one is my favorite violence mod, so it has to be at the top of the list for me. You can choose a wide range of options from shooting a sim to slicing them with a machete. Sims can even be arrested if a cop or another sim witnesses them murdering each other. Sacrificial (Sac for short) also has another update coming where he will add more gangs.
There are some funny moments for EV (extreme violence), like when I murdered another sim. I framed the vendor, called the cops, murdered one of the cops and reported the vendor. I murdered the cop in front of his partner, and he still arrested the vendor. However, if you don’t want the cops in the game you can always turn them off as well. It does not disable the cops that are already there working the Get to Work detective career. It will only disable the ones brought in by the Extreme Violence mod.
image of a sim using the bash head with axe option of extreme violence
Sim killing another sim

Deadly Toddlers

I was not happy when toddlers were being added to The Sims 4. I never did like the little brats in the game anyways. Honestly, I love my own kids, but there is a difference. When I found this mod, it actually made having toddlers fun for me. I could have a toddler murder another sim, though you can’t have them do it by themselves, so you have to instruct them to do it.
If you have this one and Extreme Violence in your game though, you will get the Last Exception. Deadly Toddlers and Extreme Violence use the same file so the game registers a conflict. Both mods do work fine together. I respect this about him, but think he should do a console like MC Command Center or WickedWhims. Deadly Toddlers is a great mod to turn your toddler into a little Chucky if you so choose.
image of a toddler stabbing another sim deadly toddlers violence mods
Toddler killing another sim

Haunted Mirror

I love when mods come with a little bit of a background to them. The haunted mirror is one of these mods, but it may also be dangerous, so you might want to tell it to protect your sim. Keep in mind, this is merely a limited time only on protecting your sim. The story is that Bride Hannah was betrayed and murdered on her wedding day.
The mirror you use to summon her was the last thing she saw herself in before her death. All you need to do is buy the “The Haunted Mirror” from buy mode and place it on any wall you’d like. Once you chant her name, she’ll spawn. If you do not tell it to “protect self from Bride Hannah,” then your sim will be the one who meets their demise by her chainsaw. 
haunted mirror violence mods image of bride hannah moving with a chainsaw in hand in the sims 4 after being summoned through the haunted mirror
Bride Hannah, Sims 4

Possessed Child

One of Sacrificial’s latest mods arrived this past Halloween. This is another mod like Haunted Mirror, except with a gravestone instead. When you summon him, he comes back for revenge on his own murderer. Much like the bride, he will kill everyone in his path. However, you can protect your sim from him instead of the limited time from Bride Hannah.
This mod is not a script mod, which makes it a tad different and more durable than Sacrificial’s other violence mods. Script mods tend to break, especially when a new patch releases for The Sims 4. We recently had a game breaking patch. You can, however, also opt to kick the child or protect yourself from his violence. It is self-defense, right?
image of the possessed child being summoned violence mods
The possessed child in the Sims 4

Torture & Chaos

This mod is also called T & C, and while yet Sacrificial does not update or add new things to it often, it is still a great mod. You have a book that you buy and the options are given in the book. You can use the book of chaos to do many things, even make a sim drown in pee. There is a very wide range of options here. 
The only time Sacrificial has updated T & C is when it completely stopped working due to a patch update for The SimsSo, if you are grabbing this hoping for new options, and you had it before, stop. It is important to note that this is a very huge mod. You have 17 interactions with the Book, and it is definitely worth at least giving the mod a shot. 
image of a sim being burned by the torture and chaos mod violence mods
Sim on fire from T & C mod

You have different types of people who play this popular simulation game. This game can be a release of stress for other players. For me, it’s these violence mods that add something special to the game. What is your favorite mod in The Sims? Do you use any violence mods, if so, which one? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!