Lower Karazhan 30 in time snip from Method's video

First Ever Mythic+ 30 Dungeon Has Been Completed on Time!

You may remember earlier this summer when Wowhead offered a bounty to the team that completes the first mythic+ 30 on time. It has finally happened! World of Warcraft players can rejoice in knowing it is truly possible now!

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Blood death knight Kimchigodx, holy paladin Luxitha, affliction warlock Eddielock, fire mage Philwestside, and windwalker monk Sebxd took on this challenge. They attempted Lower Karazhan 30 with the affixes teeming, quaking, and fortified. Their item levels ranged from 970 to 987. The score for the dungeon run was 672.8. Kimchigodx of This is Fine on EU server Ragnaros had a score of 7061.3. Luxitha of Pull Ten on EU server Kazzak took home a score of 6969.9. Eddielock of Herzog Igzor on DE server Blackmoore had a score of 7069.9. Philwestside of Method on EU server Tarren Mill‘s score was 5795.7. Sebxd of Just Kill the Boss from EU server Kazzak had a score of 7004.2.

Lower Karazhan 30 in time snip from Method’s video

The run was close, ending in 39:00 minutes. They were only under by 0:00.807 seconds, less than one full second away. However, their cunning and talent paid off as they were able to claim the prize!

Lower Karazhan 30 in time snip from Method’s video

The benefits of this challenge were no small thing. Each of these raiders received several different prizes. Wowhead provided a free year of Wowhead Premium. Blizzard provided one store mount of choice. One free year of Raider.IO Revered. One free year of WarcraftLogs Platinum.

Raider.IO Revered comes with the ability to vote for Raider.IO features, a variety of new avatars, and custom URLs. Those who take advantage of this service also get queue priority, meaning they won’t have to wait as long to see their results. Revered Patron rank will show up on the Raider.IO discord server for these players. They will not have to wait for ads nor will they be subject to the minimum score requirement on the addon.

Lower Karazhan 30 in time snip from Method’s video

WarcraftLogs Platinum also has several fancy benefits. The player’s guild logs will be processed immediately for ranking, so these players can skip the wait time. Any guilds that these players belong to will also have access to their logs indefinitely, no more expirations. They also receive priority instead of waiting for reports to load on slower servers. These are also ad free.

Lower Karazhan 30 in time snip from Method’s video

Method posted a video of the run, which you can watch below.

What do you think of the first mythic 30 being completed in time? Are you up for the challenge? Let us know in the comments!