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Battle for Azeroth

Tides of Vengeance is the first content patch for Battle For Azeroth.

Game director Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas has announced that the first content patch for Battle For Azeroth will be Tides of Vengeance. The new content patch will include two new raids, a new Warfront, several new island expeditions, and more. The war campaign will tie in with a lot of these new content offerings.

New Raid: Siege of Zuldazar

Tides of Vengeance Siege of Zuldazar

The Siege of Zuldazar is the working name for the next raid. There will be nine total bosses in the raid. However, there will be a twist: where each faction starts out and which bosses will each faction fight will be completely different. This is the first time that a raid will have different experiences depending on which faction you are playing as. The Alliance will land at the docks and work their way up to Rastakhan, while the Horde will start to the north of the city. Rastakhan will be the midpoint of the Horde raid. Horde players will then continue on to fight Alliance commanders, including a showdown with Jaina Proudmoore.

New Raid: Crucible of Storms

Tides of Vengeance Crucible of Storms

The Crucible of Storms is a mini-raid with only two boss fights, similar to the Trial of Valor in Legion. This will involve exploring what exactly is going on under Stormsong Valley. Other than the raid announcement and its placement after the Siege of Zulduzar, nothing else is known about this raid at this time.


Incursions are similar to Legion invasions in which players will have to fight off the opposing faction in specific zones. Not much else is known about Incursions at this time.

New Island Expeditions

Tides of Vengeance Island Expeditions

Jorundall and Havenswood will be the next two Island Expedition locations. You can trigger Holdouts as well as Azerite Extractions that will reward you periodically with small amounts of Azerite.

New Character Storylines

Tides of Vengeance New Storylines

There will be additional character storylines for Saurfang, Tyrande, and Vol’jin.

New Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore

Tides of Vengeance The Battle for Darkshore

This new Warfront focuses on the battle between the night elves and the Forsaken. This will also involve an update to the Darkshore zone, much like Arathi Highlands was updated for Battle for Azeroth.

New Heritage Armor

Tides of Vengeance New Heritage Armor

Heritage Armor is not just for Allied Races anymore. Dwarves and Blood Elves will receive new Heritage Armor in the next content update.

System Improvements

Tides of Vengeance System Improvements

Tides of Vengeance will also include other miscellaneous improvements. If you unlocked Champions of Azeroth reputation on one character, all your characters will get it. Progression towards “X amount of Exalted reputations” will be account-wide. There will also be updates to professions, classes, Azerite traits, and even a pet battle dungeon in Gnomeregan.

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