Not all Great Games Sell Their Best

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System was one of those phenomenal games that never really saw commercial success in terms of sales. It was developed by Swingin’ Ape Studios, a now-defunct company that was integrated into Blizzard in 2005. It was the studio’s only release as an independent studio, with Sierra Entertainment acted as the publisher before being acquired by Activision. When first announced, it did not generate a lot of hype, but then the gameplay came out. The game’s hype reached a fever pitch. Unfortunately, due to a lack of marketing, not many players picked up the title. But reviews were positive, citing the game’s humor and gameplay as top-notch.

Standard, But Charming Plot

The story takes place on the distant planet of Iron Star, where an evil race of robots known as the Mils have enslaved the peaceful droids of the planet. The players step into the shoes of Glitch, a droid created by a mysterious race who begins working for the droid rebellion in order to take the fight to the Mils and bring peace back to Iron Star. The plot can be pretty straightforward at times but has quirky, sometimes funny characters that give the game a unique charm that was pretty good for its time. Unfortunately, the game’s ending has a bit of sequel bait attached to it. However, with no sequel, it can be a bit disappointing. Other than that, for 2003 it was a pretty decent story with memorable characters and locations.

Chop Bot Gameplay

Metal Arms is a unique third-person shooter with a move set similar to a traditional first-person shooter. Gameplay is simple yet fun; simply walk forward and proceed to blow off limbs, or saw them off, if that’s your preference. The game offers a variety of fun and creative weapons, each one designed to take down a plethora of robots in creative ways. One weapon even allows you to take control of certain robots. This gives the game multiple playstyles at times.

Metal Arms gameplay

There are even certain vehicles at your disposal that allow for tank combat and on-rails shooter sections that are fun at times if you can believe that. Platforming is also a big part of the game, as certain passageways offer fun sections that break up the combat. All in all, this game has something for everyone, both young and old. However, this game does suffer from massive difficulty spikes throughout the action. My advice at certain points is to not think with your weapons. I know it’s hard, but trust me, it works.

Geared Up Multiplayer.

The game was released for the Gamecube, Playstation 2, and the first two iterations of the Xbox consoles. Not only did the game boast a fantastic single-player campaign composed of 41 missions, but it also allowed split-screen multiplayer allowing four players to duke it out on several maps with a small variety of game modes. Players can invite their friends over and use the weapons in the campaign in a variety of ways. But with no online play, it can be a bit limiting.

When is the Sequel Coming?

At the end of the day. Metal Arms: Glitch in the System was a phenomenal game that had a wide variety of things to do. It really allowed for a plethora of player freedom. With Swingin’ Ape now dissolved into Blizzard, and with the rights to the game being owned by them, perhaps now is the time for Blizzard to make a big splash with a new Metal Arms title. The original team behind the game must be long gone by now, but who knows. Perhaps Blizzard is planning something big, or maybe the fans who, by the way, have been asking for a sequel. Maybe they will get their wish sometime soon. Perhaps this year’s Blizzcon could have a surprise in store for fans of this wonderful game.