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Welcome back to another installment of our weekly Throwback Thursday series. This week we will be revisiting another Capcom cult classic, Dino Crisis.

While there have been many dinosaur-themed games over the years but most shadow in comparison to Capcom’s Dino Crisis series, survival horror games that revolve around staying alive and fighting aggressive and particularly unnerving dinosaurs.

Fan Art by Cleopatrawolf via DeviantArt

Although Dino Crisis was met with mostly positive reception upon its release for PlayStation in 1999, some claimed that the gameplay and mechanics were far too similar to Resident Evil, and accused it of being simply “Resident Evil with dinosaurs”. Although there are some obvious similarities, especially with Resident Evil: Nemesis releasing a mere three months after Dino Crisis, the game is still innovative in that it used an original real-time engine with 3D environments, versus Resident Evil’s pre-rendered backgrounds.

Dino Crisis also features a much more advanced AI, with the dinosaurs being able to chase the player from room to room, as well as ambush when the player in low on health all in real-time, keeping the gameplay fresh and edgy. Dino Crisis sports mostly 8’s and 9’s across the board from critics and is considered a Capcom Platinum title with well over 2.4 million copies sold worldwide.

dino crisis screenshot 1999

The Story

Dino Crisis revolves around a Secret Operation Raid Team and their arrival to a research facility on Ibis Island set in (futuristic at the time) 2009. The team was sent in after learning that Dr. Kirk, a leading scientist at the facility, who had been reported dead three years prior, was spearheading a secret weapons operation. Upon arrival to the island, a member of the team is eaten by a T-rex and the rest of the team soon realizes there is no staff on the island anymore, and upon closer inspection, it is revealed that they have all been viciously killed and dismembered. The player controls Regina, the only woman on the team, and the person who volunteers to find the source of the power outage at the facility and return power to be able to call for rescue.

After many nail-biting battles with mostly Velociraptors and the loss of a couple of teammates, Regina is finally able to restore power to the facility, and with the help of the rest of the team, locate and apprehend Kirk. As the team gets ready to leave the island via helicopter with Kirk in tow, they are quickly attacked by a T-Rex that destroys the aircraft and Kirk manages to escape.

dino crisis screenshot 1999

The few remaining team members split up to search for another way off the island, and while doing so Regina is left alone and ends up being found by Kirk and held at gunpoint. A teammate finds them just before he is to shoot her and Kirk is apprehended once more. Regina interrogates Kirk and he explains that he was able to bring the dinosaurs back through time using his creation, Third Eye Energy.

A rift in time was created using this energy and an area of the island was replaced with that of a time millions of years ago, allowing for dinosaurs to travel through the vortex. He then explains that if they help him set his reactors to overload it should close the vortex and subsequently send the dinosaurs back as well, but he deceives them and the facility begins to fall in on itself, allowing Kirk to escape once more. At this point, Regina must choose to either hunt for the doctor or escape the island, and the ending is different depending on what the player chooses to do.

The Series

The Dino Crisis series contains four games total, one being more of a spin-off from the second game. Although a fifth Anniversary box set was released for the series, fans have recently been demanding a reboot or remaster of the games, specifically the first Dino Crisis. Although Capcom has tirelessly been shooting down any and all hope for a reboot, fans are still holding out hope for a surprise announcement at E3 2017 or E3 2018. A reboot of the series is well deserved and the sales would most definitely be through the roof, so we can only hope that Capcom is just pulling a fast one on us and we will be getting news of a reboot in the near future.

dino crisis screenshot Therizinosaurus_Attack

For now, the series can still be readily purchased, although a new copy is far from affordable. Many fans resort to searching thrift stores and vintage game shops to find the games. Is Dino Crisis a classic favorite of yours? Are you hoping for a reboot within the next couple of years? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to join our Discord community!