Argus the Unmaker

The First Group of Only Three Players Has Downed Argus the Unmaker!

World of Warcraft’s Argus the Unmaker was recently taken down by a team of three players, and they’re ready to share their experience with you! With this most recent kill, all of the Antorus bosses -except Varimathras- have now been taken down with three players. Wowhead was able to share the team’s guide and information on the kill.

The team recorded the kill and posted it for viewers to watch. The kill also comprised of the Paladin tank Rextroy, and the warlock Yenko. The group mentioned the following requirements according to Wowhead for completing the kill: “One tank, one hunter (or class with aggro reset), and one warlock (for survivability).”

argus, legion, wow, antorus
Durendil Image from Durendil’s Video

The DPS requirement to make this kill before the berserk timer was 6.81 million. Twenty or more stacks of the debuff were common for the tank and he did require resurrections and resets in order to survive. During phase one, the warlock isn’t present so that the buffs split between the hunter and the tank. The trio completely filled the room with fog before phasing.

argus, legion, wow, antorus
Rextroy Image from Durendil’s Video

During the last phase, the tank did have to heal the hunter in order to complete the kill. The hunter used the turtle pet to get aggro on the sword while the warlock and tank killed the dagger add. The kills couldn’t be longer than about 40 seconds for this to work. They maintain this rotation until all the adds are down.

wow, legion, argus, antorus
Yenko Image from Durendil’s Video

During the last phase, the tank took about forty stacks in order to complete the kill. Both the hunter and warlock had to fight for survival and used the tree whenever necessary. The trio claims that they barely made the kill before being destroyed, but were successful and greatly enjoyed the challenge.

You can watch Durendil’s recording of the fight here:

Here is the tank vantage point from Rextroy:

What do you think of this three-man group taking down Argus? Do you think it would work with other comps? Let us know in the comments!