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Minecraft is in My Top 5

I’m a gamer girl, and not in a sarcastic way. I love playing video games, at least until the crushing weight of my adult responsibilities makes me take a break.

One of the top games in my heart is Minecraft. And I often play it singleplayer because who wants to pay for a private server or play on a crowded public server?

When I do play multiplayer, it usually is a cheap little private server with anywhere between two to eight friends playing on it (if your interested, I recommend Virtual Gladiators; I have a budget $2.99/month server and it runs pretty darn great for a half a dozen people hundreds of blocks away from each other).

The Untold Story

From my perspective, I see Minecraft as having a story that isn’t told, but shown to you as you explore the world. The clues are everywhere, trying to tell you what happened before you logged on.

I propose that Minecraft is actually set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Hear me out.

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Minecraft world is overrun with undead. Image courtesy of Gamepedia.

Firstly, undead. That’s one of the most obvious clues. You and your small group of human friends constantly get bombarded by zombies and skeletons. Notice how they are (mostly) player-shaped? You only occasionally get the villager zombie. These undead are player-shaped because they used to be human players.

Why is the world filled to the brim with zombies and no humans other than you and your friends? Because, I propose, most of humanity has been killed or turned into the undead.

The World is in Ruins

A sunken ship from the Aquatic update. Image courtesy of Gamepedia.

Secondly, ruins fill the world. Desert temples, jungle temples, strongholds (or should I say, bunkers?), abandoned railways, and now in the new Aquatic update even sunken ships. Who made these and where are they now? How are they in such disrepair? And why are they so rare to begin with?

I hypothesize that these structures are in such ruin because whatever killed off all the humans was a long, long time ago. This disaster (including, but not limited to, the undead apocalypse) was catastrophic, and the world is still recovering.  But, it almost has fully recovered.

There is little damage left except some random lava pools and decrepit structures. Nature has taken over and healed the Earth and not many human remnants remain. Whatever happened happened long before you, the player, logged in.

What About the Villagers?

Thirdly, the villagers. They are different than the players. Their homes are located so far apart from each other and the villages themselves are so small. The culture is simple with no language and no weapons.  And most importantly, they have a crippling fear of the undead. If you leave a village alone after you load the chunk, it won’t be long before the zombies break down the doors and kill all of the villagers. Are they afraid of the stories of the undead apocalypse?

I say these villages are the last few groups of “humans” and are slowly getting wiped out. Yes, humans! I hypothesize that the villagers were once humans, but in addition to whatever created all these undead it also had an impact on the human population.  Radiation, disease, or perhaps just evolution over time. The cause not only made them more primitive and scattered them to the wind, but also changed their appearance.

Minecraft vs. Minicraft

Minicraft is basically a 2D version of Minecraft created by Notch during a 48-hour game creation challenge. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

And finally, I’m going to compare Minecraft to another game made by Notch, called Minicraft. It has a very similar feel in using the land to craft items while adventuring in a dangerous world filled with monsters (including zombies). It is outright described by Notch that “the goal of the game is to kill the only other sentient being in the world, making sure you’ll be alone forever.”

While that doesn’t totally confirm that Minicraft is also post-apocalyptic, but come on, the only other sentient being is a wizard? More like a necromancer. Why would you want to defeat a wizard if not because he destroyed the world and everything you loved?

Could Minicraft be the prequel to Minecraft?

I say yes.  Or at least, maybe.

Are You Convinced?

And finally, even though this theory is mostly centered around not many players playing, I think it can apply to a big server, too. And I mean a vanilla server made from a seed and not a pre-built or manipulated world.

The players start from a single point and explore and build in an otherwise empty world. Even if the origin is densely populated, go out far enough and the world will become empty again, with only the occasional ruin or village dotting the landscape. Mankind is making a comeback, but the world is still empty because of the tragedy that nearly destroyed it.

Do you agree or disagree with this theory? Is Minecraft really post-apocalyptic? What do you think happened? Could the Ender Dragon or Wither or pigmen have had any hand in it, and is that why they are banished to other dimensions? What about the infamous and elusive Herobrine?

Will you look at Minecraft the same way again?