Back When Grinding Was Life

Gone are the days when mounts were nearly impossible to come by in the World of Warcraft. During the “vanilla years,” mounts would require months of farming gold in order to purchase the ability to ride, and that did not include buying the mount itself. Running and flight paths were the regular mode of transportation for many players prior to level 40, and even then few had the resources to afford the ritzy “swift” variations of mounts.

Fast forward fourteen years and now mounts are everywhere. In fact, they are practically given to players. Obtaining mounts has gone from being a treasure grind to a race for collectibles. Blizzard has even given players the opportunity to spend actual cash to obtain “vanity mounts.” This has been a continuing trend since the Cataclysm expansion and it has helped to fund charities and fill Blizzard’s coffers.

Enter The Vulpine Familiar

The most recent addition to the purchasable mount line up is the Vulpine Familiar. This mount is a large and beautiful silver fox that shimmers in the moonlight and flies with ethereal wings. The mount itself is a different model from the popular and rather elusive Llothien Prowler. The Vulpine Familiar is a perfect addition to any collector’s cache, but it begs the question, what does it matter?

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Blizzard’s Art Director is getting a raise for this one! Courtesy of Blizzard

Gotta Spam ‘Em All

World Warcraft is a game that has stood the test of time. The secret for its long-running success is not based on its story progression, but rather on its vast amount of collectible content. This game caters to the innate desire that made the Pokemon franchise so popular; “gotta catch ’em all.” In this case, it is catching and earning every mount, battle pet, transmog, heirloom, and achievement possible. Make no mistake, this part of the WoW’s content is the glue that keeps players stuck to this game. After all, who can quit WoW until they have bagged Invincible?

The culture of collecting that Blizzard has created for World of Warcraft is truly brilliant. As players progress in level and strength, the old content that used to require social interaction and time to complete becomes available for soloing. That means that all of the old titles, weapons, and mounts that were once fleeting dreams could now become reality. Thus WoW can continue to release new content and forgo changing much of the old raids and dungeons. This is why many of the coveted mounts have a 1-2% drop rate on Mythic because most people will end up waiting for two expansions to return and solo the content over and over again.

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How many time have you run ICC for this? Why? Courtesy of

Collecting Is King

For better or for worse, most will agree that the collecting aspect of WoW has provided a wonderful wealth of fun and enjoyment. It allows for the content developers to add creative twists to the hunt for collectibles. This is best seen through the crazy scavenger hunts for such mounts like the recently discovered Hive Mind. You can be sure that as long as there are those who will hunt for treasure, there will always be treasures to be found.

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Did someone say….!?