Nasty Pet Hunters Unite

If you are a hunter in Blizzard’s hit MMO, World of Warcraft, then there is a chance that you have made it your goal to collect some of the most exotic and unique animals in Azeroth. There are a few individuals, however, who are not looking for the sleekest and stylish of animals. No, they are looking for the nasty and putrid monstrosities that put fear into the hearts of their opponents. My friends, there is nothing nastier than the crawg, and the secret to taming him has officially been discovered.

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Aren’t they lovely? Courtesy of Twitter

The Search for the Blood-Soaked Tome

The developers had been waiting for someone to find the location of the tome, but no one seemed to have caught on. So, a few days ago they left a cryptic hint as to where the tome could be. Of course, it did not take long for the WoW Secret Finding group to get a hold of this riddle and take a crack at it.

The tweet simply said:

“Zul hides this prestigious tome from all but the most Heroic of Hunters.”

It took some experimentation, but the Blood Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers was able to be obtained during the fight with Zul in the Uldir raid on Heroic difficulty. The very unusual way to obtain this item is to have your party engage in a fight with Zul, then hearth out of the fight. If Zul is killed, then you will obtain the tome. It does not matter what percent of health that Zul must be at before hearthing out; all that matters is that Zul dies after it is done.

New Blood Beasts Along with Bad Rep

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You can now tame these little beauties as well. Courtesy of Twitter

Patch 8.1 has officially included Blood Beasts as tamable hunter pets. This not only includes the grotesque crawg but also the disgusting blood tick as well. Now with the discovery of the Blood-Soaked Tome, dungeons and raids will be filled with these gnarly creatures. Along with that, many hunters will catch a bad rap for leaving their group in the middle of an instance. It is almost sinister of Blizzard to make a mechanic like that, but hey, at least they are trying new things.

What do think about taming crawgs and blood ticks? Are you ready for the backlash that you are going to get from your raid because you ditched them? Let us know in the comments below.