Forgotten Hollow

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As the release date nears closer and closer, we are finding out more about the game pack, a little each day. We are bringing you information on the new Lot Traits that will be available in Sims 4 Vampires game pack as well as the new CAS (Create-A-Sim) options that you will have. Lot Traits were originally patched before the City Living expansion as a part of that expansion, but done in a way where you don’t need City Living to have Lot Traits.

Toddler vampire

Sims 4 Toddler vampire

With the addition of toddlers being added to The Sims 4, Electronic Arts has released images of what toddlers would look like as a vampire, (even though you don’t “officially” find out they are a vampire until they are teens) in CAS. Forgotten Hollow, the world in which vampires can hide out in, will also bring some other cool features to the game. There they will have an abandoned mansion that you can visit to discover its secrets and you will be able to collect ingredients for gruesome new recipes for your Sim’s cooking skill.

One of the most known facts about vampires is their dislike of garlic. Unlike Sims 3, Vampires in Sims 4 will need to avoid eating garlic foods. No confirmation as to what happens when they do as of yet. There will be some new Lot Traits you can choose for your home.

  • On A Dark Ley Line – The dark energy here has an impact on all nocturnal activities. You can expect babies conceived here to require extra care while teething.
  • Vampire Nexus – A dark void envelopes this lot in the Upside Down. Vampires are more likely to visit the area.
  • Registered Vampire Lair – The lot registers as a Vampire Lair. The League will send various gifts from time to time. Through the mail, no less! Even immortals use the public mail service. Only available on home residences.

The Create-A-Sim has also announced features for Vampires. Children will not have vampire powers, so selecting that age option will undo the Dark Form that you have chosen for your sim.

  • Add a Dark Form to your Vampire. Your Vampire will switch into their Dark Form when feeding, suffering from thirst and using certain powers.
  • Copy Sim to Dark Form.
  • Delete Dark Form
  • Vampire Brows
  • Vampire Archetypes
  • Vampire Mouth
  • Vampire Sockets
  • Vampire Teeth


Vampires in the Sims 4

There will also be perks and weaknesses. For instance, Vampires that can only sleep in coffins. You will need to purchase vampire powers as you “level up” your vampire. Though, with the nature of Sims 4, it is unclear as to what EA means when they say “level up” your vampire. It is confirmed that the perks and weaknesses do need to be balanced. Vampires as a Vampire Bat (One of their forms that have been confirmed) will be able to both Try for Baby and/or Woohoo as a bat.

There will be a new skill called Vampire Lore so Sims can research to learn more about vampires. The skill will go up to level 10, and it increases faster than minor or child skills, but not quite as fast as toddler ones. There will also be a new aspiration category specific to vampires. This isn’t an occult category and will be completely specific to vampires.

Vampire using Powers

Vampire using Powers


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