image of the sims using a computer
A sim using the computer

Seasons is live, and EA has already stated will not be the end of The Sims 4.

I know we are probably some time off from getting anything new for The Simsbut it doesn’t hurt to speculate. After all, speculations can lead to theories, which lead to stuff coming to light. Without speculations and theorizing, we wouldn’t have some of the packs we currently have now.  These are more so what I would like to see in the future, and my predictions of what I see happening in the near future.

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University Expansion

The next expansion pack should be University. With everything they have done with Get to Work, and how University in the last Sims game operated, I would love to see what they could do with it this time around. One thing I would like to see though is in Sims 2 you had a choice to play the current family or go with the Sim to college. If you chose to stay and continue playing the family, then it progressed the schooling and they graduated on their own usually with good grades.

In Sims 3, you had no choice but to go with the Sim to school. I would like to have that choice back, or even have a “homebound” school, so you could choose to go to school in the current world you were playing and have them go to school ‘normally’ like any other Sims. You could be given the option to ‘go to school’ with the Sim, similar to going to work in this world. There could be a number of things that you do differently.

image of sims at college in sims 3 university life
Sims 3 University Life

Fairies or Mermaids Game Pack

We have Vampires and Aliens as lifestates. You can even skeletons as a temporary lifestate, either with a mod, or with the Jungle Adventures game pack. One I would like to see next is either Fairies or Mermaids. If we get mermaids, we should definitely get an underwater world. This would make mermaids more fun, for Fairies, we should get different types of fairies and a ‘fae’ type world. The world could be similar to that of Sylvan Glades, which is one of the hidden worlds in the game. 

Medieval Stuff Pack

In a medieval stuff pack, we could be given new medieval clothing and even items that would make medieval living a thing. You could hire permanent chefs for that royal family, have a kingdom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world where you could actually have peasants and a queen/king? In a way, it could be Sims Medieval but in Sims 4 version, only better then what Sims Medieval was.

image of a wizard in the sims medieval
A Wizard in The Sims Medieval

Maybe there could be a hunting skill added, a boating skill, and allow Sims to go on a boat as part of The Sims FreePlay APK. There could be so much in just one little stuff pack. A lot of people would love to be able to build medieval castles. This might even make a good game pack, but I am predicting it as a stuff pack for all intents and purposes of this article.

What would you like to see next? Do you have any specific predictions of anything new coming to The Sims? We already know that the teams are working on the next releases for Sims 4 so talk to us. Let us know in the comments what you want to see next.