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Sim Selfies
Electronic Arts Reveal How You Can Get Fame in the New Expansion Pack.
The new expansion pack, Get Famous was released in Nov. 2018. Due to the many ways to get famous, EA did a community blog to tell you how to get famous. Therefore, there was a live-stream on Nov. 2, 2018, that showed some of the game mechanics. The new world has two divisions; however,  Mirage Park is where the celeb hopefuls wish to stay. 
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sim signing an autograph

New World

Talented up and comers will usually live in Mirage Park in Del Sol Valley. Here they can hone their craft, whatever that may be. There will even be countless auditions for your sim. The community blog did make it sound like you had to live in Del Sol Valley to be famous. To clarify, EA said that you could get famous anywhere. There will be sims that are famous already living in the new world.
The road to fame will have twists, turns, and detours. These twists and turns will be worth it for your sim when they get famous and recognized by everyone. Every sim that lives in the new world will have a public image. As a result, The public image will be a combination of reputation and celebrity level.
image of a screencap from the official reveal trailer for the sims 4 get famous
The Sims 4 Get Famous
As your celebrity level rises, you will earn fame points, unlock perks, and even gain some benefits, for instance. These benefits include being able to go to the hottest place in town. Slipping past that velvet rope would seem like a dream come true for some people. You will be able to perform music and jokes at open mic night. Consequently, You can even donate to your favorite charity, or get another celebrity to hang out with you.
What do you think of the ways to get famous? How will you choose fame for your Sims? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.