Club Hangout

Get Together is an expansion pack previously released that offered clubs to The Sims 4.

If you have the expansion Get Together and you buy Get Famousyou will be able to have a celebrity club. The clubs feature appears to keep on expanding. SimguruGraham revealed that you can create celebrity clubs. You can make it so that these clubs will only allow specific star levels to join those groups. There are 5 different celebrity club requirements that arrived with Get Famous.

Celebrity Club

Your club can be full of sims that have only just started becoming famous or one that has exclusive top-level celebrities only.  There is also the new world, Del Sol valley. This new world is disappointing to many in the community. During Sims Camp, players and EA Game Changers were able to experience the world, before the rest of the players.

A lot of players feel that the world is wasted potential, and from looking at the screenshots and videos, we couldn’t agree more. There is, however, a lot of new gameplay; fame, reputation, and other possibilities Get Famous is bringing to the table. However, Del Sol Valley is said by The Sims Community that this is the smallest residential world that we have gotten in The Sims so far.

images of sims 4 club requirement
Sims 4 Club Requirements

Some players would disagree with you and tell you to just delete one of the community lots and turn that into a residential area.  It’s all in how you look at it, really. Previous worlds have been better in the eyes of many of The Sims community. Windenburg set new standards when it arrived with Get Together. So far, to date, this world still holds the record for being the biggest world we have received in the game. There were many players hoping that Del Sol Valley would be just as large.

What do you think of the celebrity clubs being confirmed? Will you create a celebrity club? How about your thoughts on the new world? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.