Apocalypse World Michael possessing Dean. Image courtesy of the CW.

WARNING: If you are not currently up-to-date on Supernatural Season 14, then you might want to catch up and come back. Spoilers ahead.

On the Road So Far: First Half of Season 14

If you thought Lucifer was bad, meet Michael from Apocalypse World. He back-stabbed Dean and took him over after killing Lucifer for the second time. Now tramping around in Dean’s body, Michael’s creating super-powered monsters. These monsters are immune to all their previous weakness (except for a good ol’ beheading). Then, all of a sudden, Michael leaves.

I had a sneaking suspicion that Michael was secretly still residing inside of Dean and just pretended to leave. That ended up not being the case. Instead, Michael just “left the back door open,” as he put it, and slipped back into Dean when he wasn’t prepared.

Jack is the son of Lucifer and a Nephilim adopted by Cass and the Winchesters. Image courtesy of the CW.

Meanwhile, without his grace, Jack has no powers and no way to keep himself alive. So, he dies, only to be brought back to life with the power of soul magic. However, not without pissing off The Empty.

Episode 10: Nihilism

I wouldn’t even be making this article if this episode hadn’t of happened. It’s just so interesting lore-wise and features my favorite type of irony – situational irony. Let’s break it down.

Michael re-possessed Dean, gets a little cocky, and ends up getting captured by Sam, Cass, and Jack. During his capture, Michael explains his reasoning for going dark side. He says that he realized that Chuck (God) is a writer testing out various drafts of his work, and when one doesn’t work out, he scraps it and tries again. Michael wants to keep jumping between worlds, destroying them, in hopes to eventually catch up with Chuck and kill him. Sounds a lot like Lucifer’s temper tantrum.

Michael inside of Dean Winchester. Image courtesy of the CW.

Sam and Cass dive into Dean’s head to try and free him. But instead of casting Michael out, Dean decides to “become the cage” and trap Michael inside of his mind.

However, this decision seems to have instant consequences. At the end of the episode, Billie (Death) tells Dean that all of his possible futures had been rewritten. Now his only fate was for Michael to break out of Dean’s cage and burn the world to the ground. That is, except for one alternative, which is not revealed in the episode.

So Much to Process

I’m so glad that they gave Michael a reason for his madness. It’s  long been established in Supernatural lore that “angels are d***s,” but that explanation just didn’t suit the almighty Michael, who in many ways is probably the most holy of angels. The situational irony that he ended up turning out like his brother, Lucifer, is very interesting.

I find it clever that Dean decided to become Michael’s cage. Considering that caging Michael might be the only way to get rid of him, it makes sense. It also has it’s own sense of irony. Michael battering against Dean’s mind reflects just how much trauma Dean goes through constantly. There’s a lot more caged inside of Dean than one angry arch angel.

But perhaps the most interesting thing of all is Billie and Dean’s fate.

What Does the Book Say?

Billie once was all for seeing the Winchesters dead for good. Now, she’s breaking the rules to try and save them. Death is supposed to be impartial and unbiased. If Michael ends up destroying the universe, then she shouldn’t care. And yet, she gives Dean the only book with a different destiny and let’s him read it.

Season 13 Episode 5 where Billie first tells Dean about the many possible ways he is destined to die. Each ending is written in a book. Image courtesy of the CW.

Before it’s possible unveiling later tonight, I want to venture a guess as to what’s in the book. If the book said that to defeat Michael Dean had to die while Michael is inside him, he wouldn’t have reacted the way he did. The Winchesters martyr themselves all the time. So I’m going to call that one a no.

However, if the condition was to sacrifice any of his family – Sam, Cass, Mary, or Jack – his reaction might be justified. He’d sooner give up his own life than anyone else’s.

I can’t help but wonder if Dean’s confusion about his fate lies with his father, John Winchester. It’s been confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is reprising his role as Papa Winchester for Episode 300 (which is 3 episodes away). Does the book read that John Winchester is going to be Dean’s demise? Or that he’ll be there at the time?

The Road Up Ahead

As far as teasers go for the next episode, we see in promos that Sam in looking at angel lore trying to find a solution to something, perhaps Dean’s fate. However, I’m skeptical, since the brothers are notorious for keeping secrets from each other.

Lucifer waking up in the empty in Season 14 episode 7. Image courtesy of the CW.

We also see that Dean is acting strangely. He seems to break a demon or angel trap sigil. Perhaps he summoned someone or attempted to trap someone? Furthermore, we get a glimpse of Nick and/or Lucifer (I’m more inclined towards Lucifer) being a creeper. A few episodes ago we saw Nick crying for Lucifer to come back, and he appeared to be stirring in The Empty, and I’m not counting out a Lucifer resurrection in the near future.

Where do you think the road is heading? Let us know in the comments below.